self-management tips

Introductions –Always explain who people are and use full names.

Handshakes – Make a “V” with your thumb and forefinger. Then extend your right arm across your body and pump about two times. Make sure your grip is not too hard or too weak.

Name Tags – A name tag should be worn on the right side of your front shoulder area. Pay attention to people’s names when being introduced, and use names after introductions. Use Ms., Mr. Professor, Dr., unless asked otherwise.

Socializing vs. Gossiping – In a professional setting, stay away from cliques. Be nice and friendly to everyone, and volunteer to help out when you can. It’s okay to have appropriate fun, and don’t forget to communicate regularly and effectively.


business ethics


Email etiquette tips:

  • Check your junk mail regularly. You may miss something important!
  • Allow someone 24 hours to reply to your email before you email them again. Follow up by phone may be preferable.
  • If you are replying to an earlier email, reference that in your reply
  • Acknowledge receipt of emails from individuals
  • Use proper business letter form and use a salutation
  • Avoid using texting abbreviations (ur, btw, lol)
  • If need immediate response, call don’t email
  • Use a professional email signature; it’s your billboard!

Phone Etiquette

  • Allow people 24 hours to return your call before calling again
  • In a voice mail message, leave name and phone number, a good day and time to call, and then repeat phone number
  • Edit your voice mail message when your phone becomes a professional phone
  • Avoid taking a call if meeting with someone in your office
  • Avoid taking a calling or texting when in the presence of someone else or excuse yourself from the room
  • If someone plans a meeting or meal with you, give them your undivided attention; leave calls, text replies for another time
  • If in a public place, go outside to take a call!

Office Etiquette Tips

  • Knock before entering offices even if the door is open
  • Ask if they have a minute or better time to come back
  • Avoid removing items on someone’s desk without asking
  • Watch your volume, especially in public areas
  • Close an office door if having a private or heated convo
  • Be kind to support staff and respect everyone
  • Make your boss look good

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