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Professional Etiquette

Business Professional Attire

Dressing for success is key to making a lasting positive impression. Business attire is conservative and consists of neutral colored suits and accessories; it is suggested for interviews and business meetings. Business casual, however, may be acceptable for day-to-day attire in some professions. You should stand out in an interview or your job because of your professionalism, not because of your loud or unique clothes!

Technology Etiquette

Interviewing Etiquette

Professionalism is a key component to acing an interview and landing a job. From the moment you are invited to an interview to the time you officially accept an offer, your professional image is being evaluated. Utilize strong communication skills, be polite and courteous, dress to impress, and follow up with a thank you letter are all important aspects of the interviewing process.

Dining Etiquette

Knowing basic dining etiquette can assist you in an interview or business meeting conducted over a meal. Follow the general tips below to make a great impression and secure a job offer or business deal.

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