North Carolina General Statute 14-277.3

Willfully and on more than one occasion following or is in the presence of another person without legal purpose with the intent to cause reasonable fear either for the person's safety or the safety of their immediate family or close personal associates; or with intent to cause substantial emotional distress by placing that person in fear of death, bodily injury, or continued harassment, and that in fact causes that person substantial emotional distress.

Are You Concerned You Are Being Stalked?

University Police have prepared an informative book, Are You Being Stalked?

How Common is Stalking?

A recent study by the National Institute of Justice found that stalking was far more prevalent than anyone had imagined: 8% of American women and 2% of American men will be stalked in their lifetimes. That’s 1.4 million American stalking victims every year.

The majority of stalkers have been in relationships with their victims, but a significant percentage either never met their victims, or were just acquaintances - neighbors, friends or co-workers.

Stalking: Protecting Yourself


Cyberstalking is a crime in North Carolina. If are concerned that you are being cyberstalked, contact University Police at 962-2222

Additional Stalking-Related Resources

Stalking Resource Center- National Center for Victims of Crime


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