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The Greenlight Campaign is UNCW CARE's new community-based initiative for violence prevention.

Communities are built on shared relationships between individuals. Feeling welcome in a community means knowing that others are there to look out for you, as you do the same for them.

Violent acts break this social contract - their occurance threatens the safety of the entire community. When we are indifferent to violence that occurs in our community, we are guilty of condoning such acts.

The Greenlight Campaign seeks to battle community indifference in all its forms. When you smile and say "hi" to somone on campus that you don't already know you're actually combatting violence in a small but meaningful way. By acknowledging others you're making our campus a more welcoming and caring place, which also makes it a community less tolerant of violence against it's members.

So next time you're strolling down Chancellor's smile, say hi, or give someone you don't know a high five - the good you generate will be much larger than the effort you expend!

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