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Seahawk Adventures offers challenge course programming seven days a week, all year long. Please call or email to reserve a program for your group.

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Challenge Course

The Challenge Course provides exciting and challenging experiential learning opportunities to help groups focus on leadership skills, team building, and positive, effective group processes.

What to Expect

The challenge course is comprised of initiative problems, games and challenges designed to get group members working together more effectively. These challenges act as building blocks and help facilitate a higher level of group communication and development. Participants are stretched mentally and physically, at a level that is acceptable to themselves and the group. Prepare to have fun and be challenged!

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Is the challenge course physically demanding?
The course requires a mild to moderate level of physical exertion. Since we operate on a "challenge by choice" philosophy, participants have the option of restructuring their participation in an activity to fit the level of mental and physical challenge they are looking for.

Is there an age limit?
Due to the physical difficulty and level of understanding necessary to stay safe on the course, age guidelines have been established. The minimum age for the high challenge course is 14. The modified low/high course requires less independent risk and has a minimum age requirement of 10. The low challenge initiatives can be modified to accommodate children no younger than 7.

What is the minimum/maximum group size?
See Course Options.

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