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Surf Clinics

You can't truly go Teal until you've found yourself on a surf board riding waves on the Carolina Coast. Take advantage of one of the area's most amazing resources and learn the basics of surfing with Seahawk Adventures.

Cost: Students: $18.00; Faculty/Staff: $20.00; Guest: $25.00

Please check for more Surf Clinics in the future as water temperatures are still very low. 

Belay Clinics

The climbing is free, but sometimes the wait for a belayer can slow you down. Join the Seahawk Adventures staff and learn how to safely belay others down.

: Students: $10.00; Faculty/Staff: $12.00; Guest: $15.00

Date Time
April 1, 2017 12:00 pm to 2:00 pm

There is a maximum of 6 participants for each belay clinic.


Interested in hosting a workshop on adventure skills? Call the Seahawk Adventures office at 910-962-4052 to schedule one! We customize our workshops around what you are looking to learn about.

Cost: Students: $5.00; Faculty/Staff: $7.00; Guest: $10.00 (min/max participants: 4/10)

Payment is due at the time of reservation.

Kayak Clinics

Indoor Kayak Clinics

Learn a variety of kayaking skills in the SRC's indoor pool! 

Cost: Students: $10.00; Faculty/Staff: $12.00; Guest: $15.00