Campus Recreation

About Us

We will inspire healthy lifestyles with inclusive recreation, innovative programming and sustainable facilities, while embracing technology and fostering leadership development.

The mission of the Department of Campus Recreation is to provide quality recreational experiences and facilities thus enhancing the overall educational experience of the campus community.

This goal is accomplished by offering a wide variety of recreational activities, conducting educational workshops and providing professional training. The Department of Campus Recreation, Division of Student Affairs, provides a multi-faceted program that includes: Group Exercise/Fitness Programs, Intramural Sports, Aquatics, Adventure Recreation Programs, and Sports Clubs. Campus Recreation at UNCW takes a "something for everyone" approach to programming.

The University of North Carolina at Wilmington is an Institutional Member of NIRSA, the National Intramural Recreational Sports Association. NIRSA is the leading resource for professional and student development, education, and research in collegiate recreational sports. Campus Recreation staff members have a rich tradition of participation in the national NIRSA.

Campus Recreation Administration

Tim McNeilly

Tim McNeilly, Director

(910) 962-7443

Tim oversees a multi-faceted recreation program that includes Aquatic Programs, Competitive Sports, Adventure Recreation, Special Events and Fitness Programming as well as the management of the Student Recreation Center for UNCW. Tim also oversees all administrative and business functions of the Department of Campus Recreation and its facilities.

David Parker

David Parker, Associate Director

(910) 962-7443

David oversees the planning and operations of Aquatic, Competitive Sports, Fitness, Adventure Recreation, and Special Event programming. Additional responsibilities include departmental risk management, management and development of all outdoor recreational sports facilities and student development.

Tim Lewis Picture

Tim Lewis, Associate Director

(910) 962-7393

Tim supervises the facility and business operations team. He oversees the operational functions of the Student Recreation Center, including facility management, development, maintenance and repairs, housekeeping and all departmental business operations. Additional responsibilities include departmental assessment.

Photo of Amanda Wiggins

Amanda Wiggins, Recreation Program Coordinator

(910) 962-3555

Amanda is responsible for the management of all membership services for the SRC. She is also responsible for marketing/promotional materials for the department and manages the Campus Recreation student employee development programs, such as student trainings, incentive "Kudos" program, and student recognition programs.

Vacant, Coordinator of Business Operations

(910) 962-2344

This position's primary responsibility is for the business needs of the Department to include all budget items; requisitions, purchase orders, internal/external invoices, check requests, PACS card reconciliation, fuel card reconciliation and travel processing.

Susan Smith - Office Manager

Susan Smith, Office Manager

(910) 962-4110 

Susan is responsible for the daily office operations and payroll for the department. She manages all administrative aspects of a multi-faceted office that includes supervision and development of student office staff.

Adventure Recreation

Picture of Thomas Bartolotta

Thomas Bartolotta, Assistant Director

(910) 962-3007

Thomas is responsible for the planning, assessment, and facilitation of Seahawk Adventures, which include adventure trips, the Challenge Course, climbing wall, equipment rentals, workshops and clinics, leadership development, risk management and the Resource Center. He also supervises and trains all staff that facilitate the operation of the climbing wall and equipment rental programs.

Ali Scott, Coordinator

(910) 962-2070

Ali is responsible for the daily operation and management,  all management, associated with the Challenge Course. Additionally, she develops customized programs in the areas of leadership development, teamwork and group initiatives. She also works with staff development and trip leadership for the Adventure Recreation Program.

Gina DeMattei Picture

Gina DeMattei, Coordinator

(910) 962-2629

Gina is responsible for the planning and management of the Adventure Trips Program. Additional responsibilities include the planning and development of the clinic and workshop schedule, staff development and assists with Challenge Course programs.


Jake Eubank

Jake Eubank, Assistant Director

(910) 962-2043

Jake serves as the primary aquatic pool operator at the Student Recreation Center (SRC) responsible for the overall planning and operation of both the indoor and outdoor pools. Additional responsibilities include maintenance, staff development and supervision, assessment and risk management. He also advises the Associate Director and Director on risk management issues, coordinates the employee certification program relating to CPR, First Aid, AED, etc. and handles various administrative tasks.

Competitive Sports

Zach Gilbert

Zach Gilbert, Assistant Director

(910) 962-4116

Zach is responsible for the planning, assessment and facilitation of the Competitive Sports Program, including the Sports Official's Training and Development Program, team sport activities, individual/dual activities and sport club programming. Additional responsibilities include staff training, mentoring selected sport clubs, special event programming and outdoor recreational facility management.


Brian Stelzer, Coordinator

(910) 962-7758

Brian is responsible for advising the Sports Club Council, facilitation of the Sport Club Management Series, Sport Club Officer development and mentoring assigned sport clubs. He is also responsible for all individual and dual sports activities. Additional responsibilities include assisting with outdoor recreational facility maintenance and special event programming.

Andrew Rampe

Andy Rampe, Coordinator

(910) 962-3318

Andy is responsible for the management of the Sports Official's Training and Development Program. Provides assistance with the planning, assessment and facilitation of team sport activities. Additional responsibilities include mentoring assigned sport clubs, assisting with outdoor recreational facility maintenance and special event programming.

Facility Operations

Photo of Drew Loso

Drew Loso, Assistant Director

(910) 962-3669

Drew is responsible for the day to day operation of the Student Recreation Center. He manages facility scheduling and reservations, facility maintenance, facility and equipment repair and housekeeper supervision. Drew supervises all student staff responsible for Student Recreation Center operations.


Dudley Sparks, Maintenance Technician

(910) 962-2623

Dudley's primary responsibility is to provide direct maintenance in the Student Recreation Center to include daily maintenance and water quality testing in both indoor and outdoor pools, and general upkeep and repairs of the Student Recreation Center.

Vacant, Maintenance Technician

This position's primary responsibility is to provide direct maintenance to the Recreational Fields and the Gazebo complexes. 


Photo of Sarah Gilbert

Sarah Gilbert, Assistant Director

(910) 962-4168

Sarah is responsible for the planning, assessment, and facilitation of the Seahawk Fitness Program, including fitness assessments, personal training, group fitness, educational workshops and other wellness related programs. She supervises the operation of the Fitness Center to include equipment repair and maintenance and is responsible for the supervision and development of all fitness staff.

Photo of Carey Greenwood

Carey Greenwood, Coordinator

(910) 962-2037

Carey assists with the planning and assessment of the Seahawk Fitness Program, as well as the development and evaluation of student employees. She is directly responsible for Group Fitness staff development and programming. Additional responsibilities include fitness center supervision, special event programming and assessment.

Graduate Assistants

Headshot of Ally Garrison

Ally Garrison, Marketing

(910) 962-2272

Headshot of Madison Lewis

Madison Lewis, Facility Operations

(910) 962-2272

Headshot of Laura Shively

Laura Shively, Competitive Sports

(910) 962-2696

Headshot of Molly Pierani Molly Pierani, Fitness

(910) 962-2382