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IT Major Student works to improve inner-city communities

Starnews, Sept 21, 2015
Kevin Spears, 38, is a senior at the University of North Carolina Wilmington, majoring in information technology and minoring in Africana studies. Spears serves as chairman of the Martin Luther King Jr. Recreation Association. He said the association has extended the center's evening hours to 9 p.m., giving young people a place to go when they finish their homework after school. Read More.

Bachelor of Science in Information Technology

The Information Technology (IT) major is an interdisciplinary major shared by two departments: the Department of Computer Science and the Information Systems Operations Management Department. The two departments bring different strengths and perspectives to this unique major. This multi-disciplinary program leads to a BS degree in Information Technology (BSIT).

The program closely follows the guidelines set forth by professional societies for specialized programs including the Association for Computing Machinery, the Association for Information Systems, and the IEEE Computer Society.

The program develops students’ skills in the critical and practical understanding of information technology and prepares them for information technology-related work and/or further study at the graduate level. The curriculum provides a foundation for information technology professionals to have a perspective of the rapidly expanding and evolving science of technology and how it can be managed and leveraged to support business activities.

Educational Objective

The primary educational objective of the program is to produce graduates who can enter into and advance in the professions of information technology, as well as continue their education and obtain advanced degrees in this and related fields. With regard to program outcomes, graduates must be able to evaluate current and emerging technologies; identify user needs; design user-friendly interfaces; apply, configure, and manage IT technologies; assess IT impact on individuals, organizations, and the environment; and apply fundamental IT concepts and strategies to real-world problems.

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