Research Areas and Sub-Specialties

Avian Paleontology and Systematics

Fossil condor bones in cave sediments in Grand Canyon National Park, AZAvian paleontological studies also are conducted at UNCW. Fossil birds ranging in age from late Miocene/early Pliocene (6.0 � 4.5 million years ago) to late Pleistocene (10,000 years ago) have been studied from fossil localities in Peru, Chile, Cuba, and New Mexico. Systematic analysis of the fossils often leads to describing and naming new, extinct taxa as well as identification of living species. These studies provide a means to investigate the evolution of birds as well as the impact of climate change or other factors that affect their distribution, abundance, and extinction. Paleoecological studies also are possible with analysis of fossil avifaunas in comparison to distributions and habitat requirements of living taxa.


Faculty researching this area include:

Dr. Emslie
Steven Emslie
Marcel van Tuinen

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