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Kenan Auditorium

Kenan Auditorium Rentals - Minimum Call

All Kenan Auditorium rentals require a House Manager, a Crew Chief and one or more stage technicians. Box Office staff and additional technicians are available as needed or as determined by the Operations Manager. The minimum call for all staff is four hours.

Minimum Requirements for Technical Staff

  • All events require a Crew Chief and one or more stage technicians.
  • The Crew Chief and at least one technician must be on duty for the duration of the event. The Crew Chief and technician(s) will open the facility, provide requested equipment, and close the facility.
  • The minimum call for the Crew Chief and technician(s) is one hour hour before the event (or load-in) and one-half hour after the event (or load-out).
  • In no case may the call for Crew Chief or technician(s) be fewer than four hours. The minimum call for additional technicians is four hours.

Minimum Requirements for House/Box Office Staff

  • All public events which include an audience require a House Manager and usher/ticket takers, unless determined otherwise by the House Manager and/or the Auditorium Director.
  • The House Manager will be on duty one hour prior to the opening of the house and remain on duty until the audience has left the building.
  • The minimum call for the House Manager is four hours.
  • Box Office personnel on duty for an event will include a Cashier/Box Office Manager and a minimum of one ticket clerk.
  • The minimum call for all Box Office staff is four hours.

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