Anthropology Department News

Congratulations to our Fall 2016 graduates!  Also new field school opportunities, and more

December 2016

Graduates, see you on Saturday for the Anthropology Commencement ceremony, December 10, 2016 @ 11AM Clocktower Lounge, and of course later at the CAS Commencement @ 1PM Trask Coliseum.  Congratulations to Amanda Payne for receiving the Sabella award this semester.

We have another guest lecturer coming on February 28 @ 5:30, see our lecture series page for details.

The Anthropology Dept has new field schools and internship opportunities for spring and summer 2017, please check the field school & internships page for information.

Fall 2016 is here, welcome back everyone!

August 2016

Anthropology Club will be meeting soon, please check out their Facebook page for more information, join up, and take part in Anthropology happenings around campus and beyond.  We will have a guest speaker in October, Dr. Sarah Horton, who is a medical anthropologist that is well-established in the field of migrant farmworker health.  She will be doing a public talk Thursday, October 13 @ 5:30pm in CI1008.

Also please check out Doug Owsley, Forensic Anthropologist, on Saturday, Oct. 8 10a.m. at Murrow Hall in NC Maritime Museum at Southport for "Forensic Identification of the Crew of the Confederate Submarine H.L. Hunley"

Congratulations Kate Woolard on your summer 2016 internship at the Smithsonian!

April 5, 2016

The internship is a Natural History Research Experience (NHRE) through the National Museum of Natural History, Smithsonian Institution. Kate Woolard, a sophomore at UNCW, will be attending a 10 week program starting May 29th, where she will work with Dr. Briana Pobiner to identify species-specific carnivore bone damage patterns and apply them to the fossil records.


Anthropology major Tara Capel lands summer internship in Greenville, NC

March 30, 2016

Ms. Capel

Tara will be working with a team in Greenville, NC that will be doing digital X-Ray analysis of the Queen Anne's Revenge, along with artifacts associated with the ship. The internship will give her the opportunity to conduct enthographic research about modern-day perceptions of pirates.

Queen Anne's Revenge ship


More Engaging Lectures!

Check out our Engaging Global Perspectives page, we have a wonderful nutritional anthropology lecture on March 23, and a great lecture about the economic shift on the Islands of Chiloé on April 4th. FREE!

March 19, 2016, Saturday, Osprey Hall 1005
Dr. Richard Bender's Anthropological Statistics Workshop

"As anthropologists, we use statistical methods to analyze and interpret quantitative data. However, many of us lack adequate practical training in these methods. In this workshop, we will work through the basics of statistical analysis, with an emphasis on practical applications and real-world scenarios. We will use real-life data collected by Anthropology students, and we will learn how to use the SPSS statistical software to analyze these data. The workshop is intended for beginners with little or no experience in statistics, and there is no mathematical expertise required. At the end of the workshop, participants should be able to confidently choose and implement statistical methods in their own research, and to critically evaluate the statistical results they come across in the literature."

Darwin Day Feb 9, 2016
McNeil Hall 1005 7:00PM
Darwin Day 2016

Anthropology Day February 18, 2016
Osprey Hall 5:00PM

Come celebrate the study of human diversity with us in the Osprey Hall entrance area-we will have an informal potluck supper starting at 5:00 PM and the much-awaited Anthropology Bake-off! Entries will be judged by all participating crowd members based on taste and relevance to Anthropology. Be creative! If you're interested in attending, please bring some dish if possible-if not, we will all share what we have.

The UNCW SURCA Award has been granted to: Dr. Alexander & Dr. Robinson, and Dr. Howells

January 19, 2016
Three professors in the Anthropology Department have been given SURCA Awards to fund special research and creative studies projects for Spring 2016. Joining the faculty in their projects are multiple Anthropology student undergrads, including Elizabeth Boswell, Judy Huckins, Hannah Salemi, Mallory Walker and Katherine Woolard.
The SURCA award enhances unergraduate scholarly pursuits and support faculty-mentored undergraduate research.
The projects among the Anthropology Department faculty include:
"Do final test questions requiring creativity reduce stress levels and increase confidence in undergraduate STEM students? A novel use of biomarkers and self-reported stress levels to assess pedagogy techniques" project by Dr. Howells.
"Assessing and Understanding the risks of Ebola hemorrhagic fever (EHF) in the Afrotropics: Implications for primate conservation and public health" project by Dr. Alexander and Dr. Robinson.

Congratulations Dr. Simmons on winning the Global Citizen Award from the UNCW Office of International Programs this year!

December 01, 2015
Dr. Simmons will utilize this $500 reward to help fund expenses to Belize where he will be doing work in Spring 2016.

Anthropology Department's Dr. Reber is in UNCW's SWOOP This Month

November 23, 2015
Check out our very own Dr. Reber in this special SWOOP profile, which highlights her fieldwork and hobbies off campus.

Anthropology Department Osprey Hall Grand Open House

Sept 16, 2015
OSPREY HALL 1018 suite; Applied Learning room
Food! Labs! Scavenger Hunt! Fun! Join us for a great gathering to get to know our new home, Osprey Hall. See new and old faces of faculty and students, tour labs, classrooms, and offices. We will have food and drinks, then a scavenger hunt with prizes-- it's going to be harder this time!

Anthropology Department Spring 2015 Commencement Ceremony

May 9, 2015
Azalea Coast Room A & B

Dr. Alexander's session "Reconsidering Migrant Health: Anthropologists in Conversation with Public Health Paradigms" selected for podcast by SfAA

At the recent Society for Applied Anthropology meeting, Dr. Alexander's piece, co-organized with Sarah Horton (UC Denver), was one of 20 chosen to be podcast. In it, Dr. Alexander discussed and showed clips from the on-going ethnographic video project on immigration policing and farmworker health that he and current student Anthony Guevarra and recent grad Mary Brannock helped create.
find it here:

Mon. April 27, 2015- See us featured in SWOOP

Migrant Health

Dr. Christine Avenarius to speak on "What Sea-Level Rise? An Ethnographic Account of NC Residents' Observations about Environmental Change" on March 16 at 6 PM

Dr. Avenarius, of ECU, will be addressing the intersection of climate change, economics, and Anthropology in coastal North Carolina. How will climate change affect property and tourism along the North Carolina coast? What skills can anthropologists use to increase awareness of how sea-level rise will affect local residents? Please join us in Teaching Lab 1011 at 6 PM on March 16 for a Diversity in Action lecture followed by a Q & A.

Dr. Patricia Lerch announces her retirement following Spring 2015 semester

You may want to congratulate Dr. Lerch on retiring from UNCW--and condole with the other department members for her loss! Dr. Lerch has taught at UNCW for upwards of 35 years. During her time here, she was one of the original organizers of the WSRC, the Graduate Liberal Studies degree, and the Latin American Studies minor. She has also published several books, and has worked with the local Waccamaw Siouxan people for many years.

Lambda Alpha applications are now being accepted for Spring 2015!

Please submit your application to Dr. Reber or Kathryn Stewart by March 15, 2015. An application includes a letter of application mentioning your name, address, phone or e-mail address, and GPA in both Anthropology and overall, and an unofficial trascript from Seanet. Students are eligible for Lambda Alpha if they are of junior status, have a GPA of 3.3 overall/3.5 in Anthropology, and at least 12 hours in Anthropology at UNCW at the 200-level or higher, and at least 3 hours at UNCW at the 300-level or higher.

Congratulations to Dr. Michaela Howells!

Dr. Howells has just been hired as an Assistant Professor in the area of Biological Anthropology, starting in Fall 2015.

Fall 2014 Anthropology Graduates

Congratulations to our Fall 2014 Anthropology graduates! We are so proud of you, and wish you the best in your future endevours in Anthropology.

November 10th, 2014

Southern Comfort - A movie screening and panel

UNCW Computer Information Systems (CIS) building, 1008

All UNCW students are invited to a touching film about trans-gendered southern identity, cancer, and the human spirit. A multidisciplinary panel discussion will directly follow the movie. It will include Pamela Levesque (Nursing), Amy Schlag (LGBTQIA), Michaela Howells (Anthropology) and more!

"Southern Comfort documents the final year in the life of Robert Eads, a transgendered man in the American South. Eads, diagnosed with ovarian cancer, was turned down for treatment by two dozen doctors out of fear that treating such a patient would hurt their reputations. By the time Eads received treatment, the cancer was too advanced to save his life. Filmmaker Kate Davis follows Robert and a group of trans-gendered Southerners in this captivating and truly touching documentary."

September 2014

We are accepting applications for the Lambda Alpha Honor Society, our Fall 2014 deadline is: 9/30/2014.
Please see the Lambda Alpha page for more information.

We're happy to announce the first Anthropology Club event of the year!
Everyone, regardless of major (or even interest in evolution) is invited to a screening of:

"Creation," starring Benedict Cumberbatch and Jennifer Conley on Wednesday
September 10 at 6 PM in Randall Library 2047.

Anyone interested in viewing a trailer for the film should check out this link:

The movie will be followed by an informal discussion by young UNCW faculty in Anthropology, Biology, and History about Darwin, and the role that Natural Selection plays in their research. This will be too relaxed to count as a panel discussion, and should be very informative.

May 2014

Congratulations to our Spring 2014 Anthropology graduates!

Anthropology Spring 2014 Graduation

Anthropology Graduation Spring 2014

ANT Spring 2014 Graduation

ANT Spring 2014 Graduation


February - March 2014

The Identity and Humanity Lecture by Tom Beaman on "The Archaeology of Civil War Barracks in the Cape Fear Region" originally scheduled for Thursday, February 13 at 6:30 PM has been rescheduled due to weather issues in the Triangle area. The new date is Thursday, March 13 at 6:30 PM. See you there!

February 2014

We are now taking applications for the Lambda Alpha scholarship. This scholarship is open to all enrolled Lambda Alpha members who will graduate this Spring. See Dr. Reber or the Lambda Alpha page for details.The deadline for scholarship applications is Thursday, February 20 in the Anthropology Office, or Dr. Reber's office.

January 2014

We are now taking applications for membership in Lambda Alpha, the National Anthropology Honor Society!
The deadline for applications is Friday, February 14th. Please see the department Lambda Alpha page for more information about this exciting opportunity.

January 2014

Tom Beaman, a well-known local archaeologist, will give a public lecture on
"Archaeology of Civil War Barracks in the Cape Fear Region: Fort Anderson and Beyond"
Thursday, February 13 6:30 PM in NST 2 1020
Tom Beaman has conducted many excavations in the Cape Fear region--come visit our first Identity and Humanity in Anthropology lecture in our new Trailer Home, and find out about archaeology in our own backyards! See the Identity and Humanity Lecture Series page for more details.

December 2013

The Department Trailer-Warming Party and Open House will be on Thursday, January 16 at 3:15 PM
Wondering where the Archaeology Lab is? What happened to the department coffee maker? Where did your professors go? Can't actually find the department at all? Come by the AAA and NST 2 trailers, in Lot T adjacent to McNeill Hall for an afternoon of food, drink, music, and Anthropology Trailer fun!

On December 16-18, 2013 the Anthropology department moved from the Social and Behavioral Sciences Building to the Academic Affairs Annex and Natural Sciences Trailer 2!

Our long-time home, the Social and Behavioral Sciences building, will be renovated over the course of the next year to 18 months. In the meantime, all Anthropology department faculty offices and the department office are located in the Academic Affairs Annex, located in Lot T adjacent to McNeill Hall. All laboratories and classrooms are located in Natural Sciences Trailer 2, also located in Lot T adjacent to McNeill Hall. Look for the our banner on the building, until the signage is fixed. Phone, mailing, and e-mail contact information are all the same as at our previous address. Look forward to our Trailer Warming Party!

Dr. Lawrence Taylor, of the University of Maynooth, Ireland, will be visiting and giving a public lecture this Thursday, November 7, at 6 PM in Randall Library Auditorium!

Dr. Taylor will be speaking about "Pilgrimage to the Edge: Lough Derg in the Moral Geography of Ireland," in an event co-sponsored by Anthropology, History, and the Office of International Programs.

Dr. Taylor is a Senior Advisor to the President for International Affairs and Professor of Anthropology at the National University of Ireland at Maynooth. His research focuses religion, death, immigration, space and place, and globalization. He has published extensively on these topics as they relate to Ireland and US/Mexican border. He received his doctorate in anthropology from SUNY at Stony Brook and has held academic and administrative positions at both Lafayette College and NUI, Maynooth. Dr. Taylor has received research funding from numerous prestigious organizations, including the National Endowment for the Humanities and the Fulbright Program.

Nicole Wilson, of Syracuse University, will be giving an Identity and Humanity in Anthropology talk on Tuesday, November 12 at 6 PM in Randall Library Auditorium

Her talk is entitled "Seeking Wheatish, God-fearing Vegetarian with Clean Habits": Matchmaking and Marriage Practices in Tamilnadu, India." Her public lecture will be immediately preceded by an informal meet-and-greet with all interested students at 5 PM in the Archaeology Lab.

Congratulations to Dr. Patricia Lerch

She has successfully published From Princess to Chief: Life with the Waccamaw Siouan Indians of North Carolina, with Priscilla Freeman Jacobs. This first-person ethnography gives the life history of Priscilla Freeman Jacobs, a hereditary leader and member of the Waccamaw Siouan people.

Fall 2012 Graduation

Congratulations to Dr. Bill Alexander

Dr. Alexander has just received a 2012 Charles L. Cahill Award for faculty research in support of his new project "Migrant Worker Health Risks, Vulnerabilities, and Coping Strategies in Eastern North Carolina." The UNCW Faculty Senate Research Committee funded his proposal in the full amount!

Congratulations to former Anthropology graduate August Traeger

August is now employed with an archaeology CRM firm in St. Louis, MO and is working on a Mississippian archaeology site in East St. Louis. As a student August completed an honors thesis entitled 'The Cosmic Kings of Quirigua: Interpreting Political and Social Relationships Through Maya Period Ending Ceremonies and their Related Monuments.'

See video clip of the site progress here