We offer an Archaeology concentration!

Archaeology is the study of human culture by examining remains of our past.

Brunswick field digAll anthropology majors at UNCW are required to take ANT 207 Archaeology and ANTL Archaeology Lab. We also offer a range of archaeology courses and experiential learning opportunities, such as internships, field schools, and independent study opportunities. Please see the course listing to determine what upper-level courses we'll be offering next!

We have two Archaeology faculty members: Dr. Nora Reber and Dr. Scott Simmons.

Please visit their individual websites for information on their specific interests, and contact them to find out about archaeological field schools and independent studies opportunities. We would love for you to join our Archaeology team!

Dr. Nora ReberDr. Scott Simmons and his field school crew at the site of Lamanai, Belize

Dr. Scott Simmons

UNCW students at the Falling Springs site in Illinois

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