University Advancement



The dubrai$ers are UNCW advocates who work in the University Advancement Call Center. The dubrai$ers gain hands-on professional experience while securing critical funding for academics, scholarships, research, campus life initiatives and other university priorities.

Why We're Calling

  • To share with you UNCW news and highlights 
  • Update your contact information so you may receive university communications, invitations to events and more 
  • Invite you to regional alumni events and programs 
  • Encourage participation in our annual fundraising efforts 

While on the phone, we hope you will make a commitment to support UNCW. You can make an immediate impact on our campus by making a credit card gift with Visa, MasterCard or American Express. All credit card transactions are safe and secure and you will receive notification that your credit card has been processed. Callers will also honor requests to send pledge forms, more information and reminders in the mail. 

Who We Are:

The dubrai$ers have diverse backgrounds, interests and career goals but they are all united in their love for UNCW. They keep alumni, parents and friends connected to campus, enabling them to celebrate the UNCW experience together!

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