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Chancellor Request Form

If you would like for the Chancellor to attend and/or speak during the program at your event, please fill out the Chancellor Request Form at least 60 days prior to the event. If the event is contingent on the chancellor attending, it is recommended to submit this request six months to one year in advance and to provide alternate dates.

If your event is approved and the chancellor is able to attend, Carolyn Gavit, executive assistant to the chancellor, will send the event contact an Outlook meeting request to let him/her know the event is approved and added to the chancellor's calendar. An Outlook notification will also be sent to the Office of Donor Relations so an event liaison can be assigned to the event.

Event Protocols

If the Chancellor is scheduled to attend your event, an event liaison from the Office of Donor Relations will be assigned to work with you during your event. The liaison will discuss expectations and guidelines for event protocols.

Before planning your first event, please review UNCW's Facilities Use Policy..

Event Checklist

The Event Checklist will help you determine the budget for your event.

It is a resource you should feel free to use when planning your event. It provides a lot of information to help the event planner stay organized while planning an event. The highlighted fields can be filled out or deleted, depending on the needs of the event. The event planner should feel free to use this as a guide and make any tweaks he/she feels appropriate for the event.

Event Summary

Use the Event Summary and Briefing Document to create a one-page summary of your event, showcasing the most important information to share as appropriate with your co-workers, Deans, Vice Chancellors, vendors, etc.


For events not held in a Campus Life Facility, fill out the ITS Special Event Request Form. View the pricing.

When reserving a space in a Campus Life Facility, you will be able to select your AV needs. View the pricing.


UNCW Catering is provided by ARAMark for all on-campus events. Whether your event requires casual refreshments or elegant dining, ARAMark provides quality meals, bar service, linens, decoration options, and much more.

To place an order online, please do so in CATERTRAX. If this is your first time using the system, you will be required to set up an account. Please contact UNCW Catering at 910-962-3600 to speak with someone about your questions or event needs.

For additional information about policies and procedures when using catering services and the use of alcoholic beverages for university-related events, please read the policy. You will need to fill out an alcohol beverage permit if you plan to serve alcohol at your event.

Conference Services

Conference Services can assist with your event registration and enrollment, as well as provide additional services. Please read the Services and Pricing Form. Contact Nancy Maready, director of Conference Services in Campus Life for your conference services needs.


Entertainment can add to the atmosphere of any event. There are countless options for finding the perfect entertainment within the UNCW Community. Below are some common resources.

Whether you opt to pay to book a UNCW student or faculty member, or an outside vendor, please always check the Purchasing Website to ensure you are following UNCW's policies.

Mail Services

Seahawk Mail is a full-service U.S. Postal Service contract station. When designing customized event invitations, it is always a good idea to check with Seahawk Mail to determine the weight of the invitation and the cost to mail each piece. Other services include bulk mail prices, postage stamps and mail pick-up.


University Relations can help develop a plan for the marketing needs for your event. The department can assist with the design of your invitations. To initiate a project with University Relations, fill out the Project Request Form. Read about the Project Request Process.

Media Services

UNCW's Media Relations professionals work to keep the public informed about campus news, including events.

Parking & Transportation

The Parking & Transportation Office assists in ensuring the success of events by providing parking arrangements.

You must fill out a Special Event Parking Request a minimum of one week prior to the event you are planning. This request must be submitted for any type of campus event -- meetings, conferences, seminars, lunches, dinners, receptions, etc. When multiple events are scheduled on the same date, priority is given to the event that finalizes arrangements with Parking & Transportation Services first.

Parking rates can be found on the Parking & Transportation Office website.


The Office University Relations offers Photographic Services for the university. To request a photographer at your event, you must fill out the online Photo Services Request Form .

Please read the Photo Use Policy before requesting a photographer at your event.

Physical Plant

Physical Plant can help with many of your event needs. In most cases, you will need to fill out a Work Request. Please contact Tom Freshwater, director of Physical Plant with any questions or concerns related to your event.

The following are some areas Physical Plant can assist you with:

Reserving and Finding Space

Find a Space to fit Your Needs

Check the Campus Reservation System for Room Setups and Capacities.

Additional Photos and Descriptions of Campus Life Facilities provide additional information about each space.

Select a Date and Time for the Event

Use the Campus Calendars as a resource for reviewing other events scheduled. It is best to avoid scheduling your event on the same date as another event on campus that may involve the same potential audience.

Check Availability of Desired Space

There are two ways to check availability of space:

Reserving Space

Most spaces on campus can be requested online using the Campus Reservation System.

Some spaces, such as Kenan Auditorium, Housing and Residence Life Facilities, Campus Recreation Facilities and other spaces with unique requirements must be reserved by phone or e-mail. See the Contact List for all Reserving Offices.


Once the space is confirmed, you will receive a confirmation e-mail with the contract attached.

A room in a Campus Life facility is not confirmed as reserved until a signed confirmation and proof of insurance (if a non-university group) if received back from the requestor. Until the signed copy is returned to Campus Life, the space will be tentatively held.

Security / Opening Buildings

The Campus Police Department can assist with security at your event. If you are having an event outside in a tent, it is recommended to let the Campus Police know the event is taking place so they can check on the details as needed. It is always necessary to have someone from your office or a campus police officer present if AV equipment and/or a generator are outside.

Campus Police are also responsible for opening academic room event spaces.

The Special Event Security Policy provides additional details about event security.

Set-Up / Layout

Reserving Tables, Chairs, Podium, Stage, etc.

If you are not in a Campus Life facility, you may find the space your reserved for your event does not have the needed tables, chairs, podiums or stages the event required. Arrangements can be made with Moving Services to have these items delivered by contacting:

  • Tables, Chairs, Podiums: Tina Strickland, Academic Affairs facility use manager, 910-962-3011, stricklandt@uncw.edu
  • Stages: Campus Life Reservations & Event Services, 910-962-7098, the extension is 4150 clreservations@uncw.edu. Reserve online.

Creating a Diagram

Creating a diagram with as much information as possible is strongly encouraged if the event set-up is not in a space with a permanent room set-up. Details are essential and providing the information up front can be helpful to everyone involved. We recommend sending the diagram to everyone involved in the event set-up, including (when applicable) Moving Services, Campus Catering, Campus Life, AV, etc.

It is preferred to include the following information at the top of the diagram:

  • Event Name
  • Date
  • Start Time
  • Time you would like set-up to be complete
  • Event Contact Arrival Time
  • Event Contact's Name, Cell Phone Number and E-mail Address

To create the diagram, you may opt to use a program such as Microsoft Word, PowerPoint or Publisher. Campus building floor plans are available by logging into UBusiness.

Stage Protocol for UNCW Events


For all campus ceremonies and events, at least two flags are used on stage: the United States flag and the State of North Carolina flag. The University flag can also be used.

When displaying flags on stage, the U.S. flag takes precedence and has the position of honor. From that point, the flags are placed in descending order or importance. From the speaker's perspective looking into the audience, the U.S. flag is located to the right (stage right) the North Carolina flag followed by the University flag is to the left of the speaker.


The podium should always show the UNCW logo plaque on the front, or a specialty plaque pertaining to your event. The podium should never be bare.


Greenery, such as ferns adds an element of sophistication to the stage and should be used whenever possible. The plants can be artificial, as long as they have the appearance of real plants. To save funds, you can reuse artificial plants on the stage at each of your events.

Example of stage setup

sample stage setup


The Office of Environmental Health & Safety can provide accurate weather information. Consult Stan Harts, director of EH&S, if you are concerned the inclement weather may affect your event.



General Guidelines:

The design and content of event invitations and promotional materials with the chancellor's name must be approved by the Chancellor's Office. Please work with your event liaison from the Office of Events and Donor Relations.

Invitation sample

Name tag

Name tag sample

Name tags should be provided to all guests who respond they will attend the event. (Please note, do not prepare name tags for UNCW administrators who are invited to attend due to their role at the university. They will wear their own standard UNCW name tag.) Walk-up guests should be provided with a name tag when they arrive. Consider purchasing a Dymo Label Printer to help make this process easiest.

Name tags are correctly worn on the right side so the person shaking hands or greeting has easy eye contact with both the person and the name tag.

UNCW protocol says the following:

Contact List - All University Facilities

Facility Reserving Office Name Telephone E-mail
All classrooms for academic and non-academic use. Academic spaces are not specified in this table. Academic Affairs - Facility Use Manager Tina Strickland 962-3011 stricklandt@uncw.edu
Alderman Hall Room 211 Business Affairs - Vice Chancellor's Office Gina Bowen 962-7769 boweng@uncw.edu
Alderman Hall Room 215 Chancellor's Office Donna Pace 962-3030 paced@uncw.edu
Campus Life Facilities: Fisher University Union, Fisher Student Center, Burney Center, Warwick Center, University Commons Campus Life Reservations and Event Services 962-7098 clreservations@uncw.edu
Center for Marine Science CMS Mellissa Dionesotes 962-2330 dionesotesm@uncw.edu
Cultural Arts Building - Performance Venues Academic Affairs - Facility Use Manager Tina Strickland 962-3011 stricklandt@uncw.edu
DePaolo Hall Conference Room University College Mazelle Williams 962-3245 williamsm@uncw.edu
Facilities Building Conference Rooms 105, 177 Facilities Administration Janet Alexander 962-7743 alexanderj@uncw.edu
Hoggard Hall 116 Conference Room Research Services Michelle Starks 962-3810 starksm@uncw.edu

Hoggard Hall 252

Conference Room

ITS Resource Management   962-3888 lewisv@uncw.edu
Hoggard 249 ITS Resource Management   962-3888 lewisv@uncw.edu
Emergency Operations Center: Hoggard 125 Environmental Health & Safety Jodie Ruskin 962-7697 ruskinj@uncw.edu
Intercollegiate Athletic Facilities Athletics Jason Goodmurphy 962-3465 goodmurphyj@uncw.edu
Intercollegiate Athletic Fields Athletics Greg Cooke 962-3235 cookeg@uncw.edu
Kenan Auditorium Kenan Auditorium Jeremy Summers 962-7527 summersj@uncw.edu
Kenan House University Advancement / Chancellor's Office Claire Stanley 962-3169 stanleyc@uncw.edu
Madeline Suite Conference Services     hansleyd@uncw.edu

McNeill Hall

(Multipurpose room & lecture hall)

School of Nursing Annette Richards 962-7410 richardsa@uncw.edu
McNeill Hall (classrooms) School of Nursing Debra Simpson 962-3784 simpsond@uncw.edu
Osher Lifelong Learning Institute (OLLI) OLLI Melody Formalarie 962-2258 formalariem@uncw.edu
Parking Lots Parking & Transportation Services   962-3178 parking@uncw.edu
Randall Library Randall Library Christopher Rhodes 962-7474 rhodesc@uncw.edu
Randall Library Auditorium Academic Affairs - Facility Use Manager Tina Strickland 962-3011 stricklandt@uncw.edu
Residence Life Facilities Office of Housing and Residence Life Andrea Swanson 962-3897 swansona@uncw.edu
Student Recreation Center Facilities: Gazebo area and Fields Campus Recreation Office Online Request Form 962-7443 campusrec@uncw.edu
Watson College of Education Dean's Office Kathy Funke 962-3807 funkek@uncw.edu
Wise Alumni House Academic Affairs - Facility Use Manager Tina Strickland 962-3011 stricklandt@uncw.edu

Please note, there is a fee to use some of these spaces above. Please check each facility's website or call the contact person listed for additional information.

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