Downtown Wilmington at Night

Our Location Is Ideal

Students get a great education in a great location when they come to UNCW.

The university is located in the historic, coastal, seaport community of Wilmington, which is ideally situated between the Cape Fear River and Atlantic Ocean. Nestled on the banks of the Cape Fear River, historic Wilmington attracts visitors with its rich history, dynamic arts, unique shopping and fine dining.

Settled in 1729, Wilmington, or the Port City as it is known, flourished as a major port and was at one time home to the largest cotton exchange in the world.Through the centuries, the Wilmington area has seen a lot of action, in the Revolutionary War, the Civil War and World War II. Now it's a flourishing business and tourist destination and the capital of North Carolina's film industry.

Wilmington’s historic district comprises approximately 230 city blocks of antebellum homes, churches, cemeteries and buildings. Antique shops, clothing stores, art galleries, ice cream shops, cafes, bakeries, coffee shops and fine-dining restaurants line the city’s busy streets. After dark, the city comes alive with a variety of nightclubs, bars, theaters and music venues.

Warm Gulf Stream waters and ocean breezes make this a nice place to be in any season. In the fall, temperatures hover around the 60s. In the winter, it rarely gets below 40 and summertime temperatures start in April.

Moss-laden oaks, towering pines, and stately brick buildings make up UNCW's picturesque campus on Highway 132 (College Road). By car, UNCW is accessible via I-40 and U.S. Highways 421, 17 and 74-76. USAirways and ASA Delta offer flights into Wilmington International Airport, only minutes from campus

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