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Frequently Asked Questions

Who do I contact in case I have an issue?

Contact the Technology Assistance Center (TAC) located in Randall Library for any issues. Please see their contact information at To submit a ticket please send an email to the TAC (

How do I get a course shell?

Courses entered into Banner will normally be populated in Blackboard Learn within 24 hours. If you are looking to add a non-banner course, it will be necessary for you to submit a request to TAC via an email (

Who gets an account on Blackboard Learn?

Any Banner user who teaches a course or is enrolled in a course will have a Blackboard Learn account. In addition, most active staff employees also get accounts. Non-Banner users within non-Banner courses will have to be manually created and username with password will be forwarded to appropriate parties.

How do I log in to Blackboard Learn?

Using your UNCW email username (without the and your e-mail password, log in to If you have a non-Banner account, you should have been provided with your username and password.

Can I change my UNCW password in Blackboard Learn?

Your UNCW password cannot be changed within Blackboard Learn. However, you can change your UNCW password at anytime by visiting the "System Login" Web page and following the instructions. Once changed, it is automatically reflected in Blackboard Learn.

Students are enrolled in the class, but it doesn't show up in their list of courses. Why?

Usually the reason a course is not showing up is that the instructor of the course has not made it available. Check your SeaNet roster. Double check emails from instructors regarding course availability. If your course is not listed on the first day of class, contact your instructor. Also, if you are newly enrolled, please allow 24 hours for your enrollment to update Blackboard Learn. If the issue still has not been resolved, please notify the TAC (

How do I export and/or archive a course? (Backing up course)

Please refer to the documents on the right-hand panel of this Web page under "Backing Up Your Course."

What browser should I use?

Blackboard works most efficiently and is most stable using Mozilla Firefox. View updated browser information for PCs and Macs here.

When are students added to courses?

Students registering for Banner courses will normally be populated in Blackboard Learn within 24 hours.

How do I make my course unavailable to students while I load content?

Course shells created via Banner feed are automatically set to available. In order to set the status of your course to unavailable, please follow the instructions in this document on Course Availability (PDF).

Why should I do a Grade Center backup?

The Grade Center within your Blackboard Learn course is the most crucial part of your course and the most damaging if components are lost or deleted. ITS highly recommends that you backup your grade center on a regular basis, especially when significant changes take place. Please refer to the Grade Center Backup document on the right-hand panel of this Web page under "Backing Up Your Course."

What if I want to see my course's content as my students would?

To provide instructors with the ability to view their course content from the student's perspective, ITS has created "demo student accounts" for each instructor listed in Banner. As an instructor, you have the ability to add your demo account to your course and then log into Blackboard Learn with that dummy account. Please refer to the Demo Student Accounts (PDF) document for additional information.

How can my students find out more about using Blackboard Learn?

There is a UNCW Blackboard Learn tutorial that is available to all students within SkillPort. This course can be assigned to your class and reports can be generated to track the student's progress. For more information on how to assign this course to your students, please contact the TAC ( Blackboard also provides on demand videos for students at

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