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Voicemail / Unified Communications Service

UNCW unified communications integrates voicemail and email storage and provides several options for staying connected. The service offers a user-friendly and flexible Web interface for customers to adjust settings. It also provides a copy of voicemail messages to the email inbox.

Getting Started

If you do not already have a campus telephone extension and voicemail account OR if these services need to be reassigned to you, please visit our Service Catalog. Once your account has been established, follow the steps below for logging in:

To Access Your Voicemail

  • Dial x29999 to access voicemail from a UNCW phone or 910-962-9999 from a personal phone.
    • From your office phone - the system announces your name and prompts you for a password. Enter your password and then press #.
    • From any other phone - Immediately press #, enter your mailbox number and then press #. The system announces your name and prompts you for a password. Enter your password and then press #.
    If this is the first time logging into this voicemail system, you will be prompted to do the following: 1) Change your password, 2) Record your name, 3) Record a personal greeting
  • Password rules: Passwords must be a minimum of 6 characters, cannot match the voice mailbox number or contain the mailbox number, cannot be sequential numbers and cannot repeat numbers. The last 3 passwords cannot be reused.
  • After completing your voicemail account setup, you can administer your personal options and configure preferred settings.
  • NOTE: Message waiting lights on phones (voicemail message indicators) are disabled by default with this system. If you check your voicemail messages primarily from your office phone and want the light re-activated, please visit our Service Catalog (or call the Operators at x0).

Features & Benefits

  • Unified Communications - A copy of voicemail messages are delivered to your email inbox so they can be listened to through Web access to email, Outlook or your smartphone.
  • Notify Me - Receive notification of a new voicemail in your email inbox, via text message to your smartphone, or from a system generated call-out to contact numbers of your choosing. You choose how to get your messages.
  • Reach Me - An automated caller assistant allows calls that go to voicemail to be redirected to your mobile phone.
  • Fax to Email - Receive faxes to your office telephone number and retrieve them in your email inbox.
  • Self-Administration You may change many of the settings important to you via the secure User Preferences Web portal.


View frequently asked questions here.

Need Help?

For assistance with voicemail (including password resets), visit our Service Catalog or call the Operators at x0 (or 910-962-3000 or x23000) and we will assist you.