The TealWare Cloud

Saving and Retrieving your Data

The following directions show how to save and retrieve your files when using TealWare. The drive letters may change depending on your computer.

IMPORTANT: Please save/backup any working documents to your TIMMY (for students) or SAMMY (for faculty) file server before logging out, as any data stored in your Tealware Desktop profile may not be available when you log in again. You may also choose to save/backup your data to a USB key or an external storage device.

NOTE: Always select "My Computer" when using TealWare for either saving OR retrieving data. Also, have your USB key or external storage device connected at the time of your log on to TealWare. This will ensure it will show up in the list (as shown below) when you are ready to save/retrieve. Example:

Where to save on tealware

From the list seen in above diagram, choose your SAMMY (for faculty) or TIMMY (for students, not pictured above) file folder, a USB key or any local storage device.

The first time you attempt to save on TealWare, you will see the following configuration panel appear. To be able to save to your USB key or local device, you must choose "Yes." To avoid having this panel reappear in the future, choose "Do not ask me again for this site".

How to save on tealware