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B1NAR1ES is your one-stop technology store and repair center for personally owned devices. We offer services and products for UNCW faculty, staff and students.

Discounts on New Computers

Educational pricing is available on new Apple and Dell computers. Visit our computer purchases page for more information.

Free Microsoft Office

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UNCW now offers Microsoft Office for FREE to the campus community. Students are already able to download it here. If you need assistance call the Technology Assistance Center (910) 962-4357.

Safeware Hardware Protection Plan

Most manufacturer warranties, such as Applecare, do not cover accidental damage so we recommend you purchase a laptop protection plan for your computing device. Safeware covers accidental damage due to incidents such as drops, liquid spills, cracked screens, mechanical failure and power surges.


LoJack - Theft Protection

  • $85 (4-year coverage)
  • Tracks and recovers stolen computers
  • Guarantee up to $1,000 if the computer cannot be recovered
  • LoJack website
  • Purchase Lojack from BINARIES

Cracked Screen Repair for iPhones/iPads

  • $80 iPhone 4 & 4s
  • $85 iPhone 5/5s/5c
  • $99 iPhone 6
  • $110 iPhone 6 Plus
  • $195 iPhone 6s 
  • $225 iPhone 6s Plus
  • $275 iPhone 7
  • $315 iPhone 7 Plus

  • $45 iPhone Battery replacements
  • $89 iPad & iPad Air*
  • $119 iPad Mini

    *not currently repairing iPad Air 2

Laptop Rentals

B1NAR1ES has Dell laptops available for students to rent with Windows 7 and Office 2013 installed.

  • $8 per day

Repairs and Services for Laptops

  • We service all brands of computers.
  • We do warranty work for computers with Safeware, AppleCare and Dell warranty coverage.

Check the warranty status of your laptop:

apple warranty dell warranty

Assessment, Diagnostic and Bench Fee


  • Perform complete system analysis to identify failures or conflicts

  • Troubleshoot error codes received during hardware scans and research root cause of problem

  • Perform virus scan

  • Obtain quotes from vendors on replacement parts for computers out of warranty

  • Process a request for parts on computers that are in warranty

  • Note: Does not include parts or labor for any repairs (if needed)

Install Operating Systems

(Windows or OSX)


  • Reformat computer

  • Install operating system

  • Install Microsoft Office (if supplied)

  • Install operating system updates and manufacturer drivers specific to device

  • Install UNCW Antivirus

  • Configure UNCW Wireless, iPrint and TealWare access

  • Install Java plug-in & Adobe Reader plug-ins

Data Backup/Recovery and Restore

Tier 1 - $50

Tier 2 - $75

  • Recover My Pictures, My Documents, My Music, My Videos, Favorites, Desktop, PST files and others if specified

  • Use recovery tools to save files on computers that have hardware failure or viruses

  • Transfer data to an external hard drive, back to computer or both. Or move data from an old computer to a new computer

PC Optimization


  • Install operating system updates, clean temporary files, uninstall toolbars, defragment hard drive, clean out fan

  • NOTE: Service not available if viruses are detected during Assessment

Hardware Repair Labor

Tier 1 $30 
Tier 2 $50 
Tier 3 $100