Women's Studies and Resource Center

The Advisory Board makes decisions regarding the Women's Studies and Resource Center's policies and priorities in order to best meet our mission. Its members represent the interests of the various constituencies we serve, with representation faculty, staff, student body and community partners. Advisory Board members commit to meeting approximately four times a year and participating in WSRC-sponsored events. One of the most recent WSRC advisory board initiatives was the successful campus collaboration on a UNCW lactation support policy and lactation rooms across campus. A celebratory ribbon-cutting helped create a great dynamic of campus-wide support.

Lactationroom_jan 23.jpg

Joann McDowell, Interim Associate Vice Chancellor Human Resources, Patti Hale, Salary & Benefits Manager Chancellor Gary Miller, Dr. Kathleen Berkeley, board chair, Dr. Michelle Scatton-Tessier, WSRC director

WSRC Advisory Board Bylaws

Current members of the advisory board include:

Dr. Michelle Scatton-Tessier
Director, Women's Studies and Resource Center
Randall Library, Campus Box 5665

Ms. Peggy Styes
WSRC Administrative Associate
Randall Library, Campus Box 5665

Dr. Kathleen Berkeley
Associate Dean College of Arts and Sciences
Bear Hall, Campus Box 5912

Dr. Janet Ellerby
Professor English
Morton Hall 130 Campus Box 5947

Ms. Amy Feath
Executive Director, The Carousel Center for Abused Children

Dr. Sandra McLaurin
American Association of Univeristy Women (AAUW)

Ms. Liz Grimes
Director of Staff Development and Employee Relations
Airlie Commons, Campus Box 5960

Mr. Adam Hall
Interpersonal Violence Prevention Coordinator
Crossroads SAPEP, Box 5992

Dr. Jose Hernandez
Associate Provost and Chief Diversity Officer
Institutional Diversity and Inclustion
Alderman Hall, Campus Box 5900

Ms. Lauren Habig
Student/WSSA President

Dr. Olga Trokhimenko
Associate Professor
Foreign Language and Literatures, Campus Box 5954

Dr. Laurie Patterson
Associate Professor
Computer Science, Campus Box 5935

Dr. Carol Pilgrim
Associate Dean College of Arts and Sciences
Bear Hall, Campus Box 5912

Ms. Daniella Polich
Exe. Asst. Registrar
James Hall, Campus Box 5618

Dr. Paula V. Reid
Asst. Professor School of Nursing
Friday Annex, Campus Box 5995

Dr. Sue Richardson
Lecturer Film Studies
King Hall, Campus Box 5950

Dr. Chadwick Roberts
Temp. EPA/Faculty, WMS 210 faculty
Leutze Hall, Campus Box 5933

Ms. Amy Schlag
Coordinator LGBTQIA, WMS 210 faculty
FUU 1023 Campus Box 5971

Dr. Jean Swafford
Associate Professor
Education Building, Box 5940

Dr. Dijana Jakelic
Associate Professor
Mathematics and Statistics, Campus Box 5970

Ms. Sarah Watstein
University Librarian
Randall Library, Campus Box 5616

Dr. Ulku Yaylacicegi
Asst. Professor Information Sys & Ops Mgmt
CIS Building, Campus Box 5611

Dr. Andi Steele
Asst. Professor Art and Art History
Cultural Arts, Campus Box 5911

Dr. Julie-Ann Scott
Asst. Professor Communications Studies
Leutze Hall, Campus Box 5933

Dr. Sue Combs
School of Health and Applied Scients, Athletics

Mrs. Georgia Nix Miller
Community Member