Undergraduate Studies

UNCW Fisher Student Center Photo by Amanda R. Hall

Photo by Amanda R.Hall

About Undergraduate Studies at UNCW

Dr. Paul Townend, Dean of Undergraduate Studies

Greetings from the Dean

Undergraduate education is at the heart of UNCW, in and out of the classroom.  We strive to make the academic experience at UNCW rich, rewarding, and resonant.  The Office of Undergraduate Studies encourages, supports and sustains UNCW’s system of general education (University Studies), University College, our Honors College, and our campus-wide applied learning initiative (ETEAL).  In all of this we are focused on the academic quality of this institution, and the experience of undergraduate education for students.  These programs and these dedicated people provide a launching pad for great futures; I am proud to lead them on this campus.

Paul A. Townend
Associate Vice Chancellor and Dean of Undergraduate Studies