NOTE: All outgoing invitations, both internal and external, must be approved by OUR before distribution. Once you have edited the downloaded PDF invitation, save as a .jpg file and forward the final draft to OUR@uncw.edu with a subject line of APPROVAL. Please allow 7-10 days for review.

Printable Invitations

UNCW Vertical template UNCW Invitation UNCW Horizontal templateUNCW Invitation II Landscape Invitation TemplateUNCW Invitation lll

Electronic Invitations

UNCW Wordmark templateWordmark I UNCW Wordmark templateWordmark II UNCW Wordmark templateWordmark III

thumbnail of invitation template teal bar at top
Wordmark IV

thumbnail of invitation template teal bar on leftWordmark V thumbnail of invitation template teal background

Wordmark VI

UNCW Wordmark templateTalking Sammy UNCW Wordmark templateGo Seahawks UNCW Wordmark templateSurprise Sammy