Event Coordinator Positions

The UNCWeekends Event Coordinators serve as student leaders who assist in the ideation, planning, and execution of programs year round. Whether you want to learn how to plan your own events, gain graphic design and marketing experience, or just develop as a leader: this role is perfect for all! 

UNCWeekends recruits new Event Coordinators at the beginning of each Fall and Spring Semester.


UNCWeekends Alumni Previous Position Life After UNCWeekends
Jessica Reich '19 President 2017-2019 PhD. Candidate for Psychological Science at UNCW 
Shelby Clarke '17 President 2016-2017 Hospitality & Wellness Coordinator
Sarah Traxler '19 Marketing Coordinator 2017-2019 Masters Candidate for Social Work at UNCW
Julia Singer '20 Marketing Coordinator 2017-2019 President of Association for Campus Entertainment (ACE) '19-20
John Kocor '19 Operations Assistant 2018-2019
Cole Tillett '20 Operations Assistant 2017-2018 UNCW's Student Body President '18-19
Ryan Cassidy '18 Event Coordinator 2017 - 2018 Walt Disney World Imagineer
Trish Beeksma '20 Event Coordinator 2016 - 2018 President of Swingin' Seahawks Swing Dance Club '18-19
Kiki Townsend '19 Event Coordinator 2016 - 2018
Meg Pearce '17 Event Coordinator 2015-2017
Carly Scarborough '17 Event Coordinator 2015-2017 Genetic Counselor Assistant
Sydney Wagner '17 Event Coordinator 2015-2017