UNCWeekends Executive Team

The UNCWeekends Executive Team oversee the varying operations including event coordinaton, recruitment, team member training, publicity, sales, and team recognition.




Veronica Meyers, President

Veronica is responsible for the coordination of UNCWeekends and its student leaders. She advises incoming event coordinators in their event planning and leadership skills, and assists the staff advisor.


For questions related to UNCWeekends,
contact Veronica Meyers at vam6495@uncw.edu


Strengths Finder: Empathy, Adaptability, Intellection, Developer, Deliberative.  



Evan Null, Vice President

Evan coordinates fall and spring recruitment/new member training, monitors team accountability, and organize year-round appreciation efforts. Evan assists the president in event management and sponsorships.

If interested in joining UNCWeekends or sponsoring an event,
contact Evan Null at ewn1822@uncw.edu 

Strengths Finder: Input, Intellection, Learning, Competition, Context.




Arden Parrish, Marketing Director


Arden oversees all publicity initiatives for UNCWeekends including adherence to branding guidelines, managing social media accounts, and data collection. In addition, Arden oversees the Marketing Assistant team responsible for graphic design and heightening the precense of UNCWeekends in the community. 


For publicity and marketing inquiries
contact Arden Parrish asp3975@uncw.edu


Strengths Finder: Furististic, Communication, Significance, Competition, Activator. 




Maddie Miller, Operations Manager


Maddie manages the day-to-day operations of UNCWeekends event preparations, ticket sales, the prize claim process, and inventory of merchandise. She aids the rest of the executive board with responsibilities as assigned and reports directly to the staff advisor. 


For merchandise and ticket sale information
contact Maddie Miller at mem2904@uncw.edu


Strengths Finder: Learner, Focus, Restorative, Discipline, Analytical.



UNCWeekends Advisor



 Darion Bayles, Coordinator for Campus Activities & Involvement

Darion is the primary programming person in CAIC with oversight of welcome programs, involvement, publicity management, and advising to UNCWeekends. Darion advises the student leaders on event implemention, budget management, and leadership development. for the executive team and general body. Darion has been working professionally at UNCW since 2019 and previously advised UNCWeekends as the CAIC Graduate Assistant from 2017-19.

For questions related to UNCWeekends,
contact Darion Bayles at baylesj@uncw.edu

Strengths Finder: Communication, Strategic, Woo, Individualization, Command.