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Message from the Director

Greetings from the University Learning Center!

Each year we employ more than 100 students who work as peer educators (consultants, leaders, mentors, tutors and front-desk assistants). These students are always impressive. They are hard-working, innovative, and smart. More than that, though, they are some of the most giving (of their time, knowledge, and experience), energetic, and engaging people I know. I get to work with them daily – I see them in between their sessions, during tutor staff meetings, and at training workshops – and I am always impressed by their insight and dedication. Below we highlight a few of these students, as well as other information about ULC services. Please enjoy this newsletter and don’t hesitate to contact the ULC if you have any questions about our services.


William E. Wilkinson
Director, University Learning Center


Faculty Syllabus Information for 2017-2018

Faculty support is also available in the form of ULC information for your Syllabus (PDF); printable handouts for Math, Study Skills, and Writing; and Academic Achievement Workshops available for classes and campus organizations.

New service:  Academic Achievement support

Nick Crawford

In the spring 2017 semester, the ULC welcomed UNCW alumnus and long-time Writing Services consultant Nick Crawford as the Coordinator of Academic Achievement Services (AAS). This new service from the ULC focuses on assisting students in the development of foundational academic habits, from reading and note-making to testing strategies to time management. To that end, Academic Achievement Services offers one-on-one appointments with peer mentors, in-class workshops, and a host of resources available to students and instructors on the ULC’s website. If you would like to learn more about Academic Achievement services, please contact Nick at

New name, same great service: Tutoring Services

Tutoring Services

Learning Services is now called Tutoring Services. Mike Ruwe, the Assistant Director and Tutoring Services Coordinator decided to change the name from “Learning Services” to “Tutoring Services” to differentiate from the new AAS programs and better reflect our overall mission. Look for the new name on our website and publications.


ULC hosts reception for newly certified CRLA tutors

Group CRLA   Poster display in DePaolo

Each fall and spring, our tutors put their own learning skills to the test and attend training, conduct research and complete a final project toward international certification in the College Reading and Learning Association program (CRLA). The University Learning Center administers this program, and certifies the tutors. A requirement of employment at the center, three progressive levels, Regular, Advanced, and Master, can be achieved. Photos here show our tutors presenting their Applied Learning and Research project posters in DePaolo Hall on April 27, 2017, after the annual Tutor Certification and Appreciation luncheon.

Dr. Walker with Deighton Lewis

At our fall 2016 CRLA event, Deighton Lewis, Supplemental Instruction Leader, is pictured here (L) with Associate Vice Chancellor and Dean of Students, Dr. Mike Walker. Deighton experimented using virtual reality technology in his research project,  “Collaborative Learning Across Physical and Virtual Worlds.”

Our Featured ULC Tutors

Spanish Tutor/Academic Mentor/Study Session Leader/World Traveler: Heather Beal

  Large Mexico group of students  Heather Beal 

Our tutors are often engaged with tutees on so many different levels, becoming active in more than one of our services at the ULC. We asked Heather Beal, and Ana Neville, to share some thoughts about their ULC experiences:

Heather, what is your story, what brought you to UNCW, and why did you become a tutor at the ULC? 

I transferred to UNCW for the Spanish B.A. /M.A. program offered here. I tutored at my previous college and really missed the experience of working with students, so I began tutoring with the ULC in the summer of 2014. Fall 2017 will be my 12th  semester working here!

Do you have any tutoring experiences to share, that may illustrate how language tutoring can positively impact a student's success?

As tutors and current students of UNCW, we have the unique ability of having successfully taken the courses we tutor and worked with the textbooks/online platforms. We are able to anticipate exam questions and help guide students how to study the material, to become more self-motivated learners. This helps not only in language courses, but can be applied to a student's success throughout their college career. I have had many truly gifted students find me on campus and hug me or thank me for helping them gain the confidence and skills to master the material. One even baked me banana bread!

As a recent grad, now accepted into the Spanish, M.A. program, what are your plans for the dream job in your future?

My dream job is to teach lower level Spanish at the college level, I really find working with college level students very fulfilling and I hope to be able to make it fun!

Writing Consultant/ Mentor/ Future Teacher: Ana Neville

Ana NevilleAna Neville with award

Ana, what is your story, what brought you to UNCW, and why did you become a tutor at the ULC?

I came to UNCW because I loved the rich history of Wilmington.  I decided to become a tutor at the ULC because I am passionate about education, and I believe that each student can be successful when they are dedicated and have a helping hand.    

Do you have any tutoring experiences to share, that may illustrate how writing tutoring can positively impact a student’s success?

One semester, I had a student meet with me weekly at the Writing Center.  We worked on every aspect of writing a paper, and come the end of the semester, her professor stated that she had never before seen such improvement in a student's writing. The student ended the semester feeling more confident about her ability as a student and writer.

 As a recent grad, now accepted into the Watson College of Education Master of Education program, what are your plans for the dream job in your future?  

I am currently enrolled in the Elementary Education, M.A. program with a specialization in Language and Literacy.  Upon graduation from the program, I plan to be a literacy specialist in an elementary school setting.  After years in the classroom, I hope to attend law school and focus on education advocacy, addressing the needs and concerns of public school students in education cases.

Academic Achievement Mentor accepted into UNC-Chapel Hill’s Science Enrichment Program: Hϋlya Taner 

Hulya Taner

Hϋlya Taner, UNCW Public Health Studies student and Academic Achievement mentor, was accepted into UNC-Chapel Hill’s Science Enrichment Preparation summer 2017 program. Hϋlya was one of 45 students selected for this prestigious program, from more than 200 applicants. The SEP curriculum gives a competitive edge to students seeking admission into graduate/health professional programs.

SEP alumni have graduated from various disciplines such as: allied health, dentistry, allopathic and osteopathic medicine, nursing, optometry, pharmacy and public health.

Staff News

ULC Coordinators Present at National Conferences

Mike Ruwe

Mike Ruwe, ULC Assistant Director, presented “Critical Thinking in the Learning Center: Defined, Applied, Assessed” at the Association for the Tutoring Profession’s national conference in Kansas City, MO in March 2017.  This presentation was based on the “Tutee Critical Thinking & Satisfaction Survey” Mike developed that helps assess the critical thinking abilities of students who utilize Tutoring Services.

In June 2017, Mike presented “Critical Thinking Surveys for Learning Center Professionals” at the Southeastern College Learning Association’s conference in High Point, NC.  This presentation discussed how learning center professionals might approach a critical thinking survey for students.


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