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Message from the Director

Greetings from the University Learning Center!

Each year we employ more than 100 students who work as peer educators (consultants, leaders, mentors, tutors and front-desk assistants). These students are always impressive. They are hard-working, innovative, and smart. More than that, though, they are some of the most giving (of their time, knowledge, and experience), energetic, and engaging people I know. I get to work with them daily – I see them in between their sessions, during tutor staff meetings, and at training workshops – and I am always impressed by their insight and dedication. Below we highlight a few of these students, as well as other information about ULC services. Please enjoy this newsletter and don’t hesitate to contact the ULC if you have any questions about our services.


Will Wilkinson

William E. Wilkinson
Director, University Learning Center


syllabus 1

Faculty Syllabus Information for 2018-2019

Faculty support is also available in the form of ULC information for your Syllabus (PDF); printable handouts for Math, Study Skills, and Writing; and Academic Achievement Workshops available for classes and campus organizations.



ULC Spring Tutor reception for CRLA tutors held

 Spring CRLA tutors

Each fall and spring, our tutors put their own learning skills to the test and attend training, conduct research and complete a final project toward international certification in the
College Reading and Learning Association program (CRLA). The tutors presented their Applied Learning and Research project posters in DePaolo Hall on April 26, 2018, after the annual Tutor Certification and Appreciation reception.
 Total certifying tutors for the spring semester was 27 at Level I; 21 at Level II; and ten at Level III. We celebrated many of our tutors' upcoming graduation, and awarded honor cords to level II and III graduates. 


Our Featured ULC Tutors

Spanish tutor/ Student Photographer/Future Spanish Professor: River Bondurant

  River Bondurant 

Our tutors are multi--talented student who have varied interests on campus. We asked River Bondurant to share some thoughts about her ULC experiences:

River, what is your story, what brought you to UNCW, and why did you become a tutor at the ULC? 

I initially came to UNCW with the dream of becoming a film major. I quickly re-evaluated once I discovered my two greatest passions: photography and Spanish. I have always had a love for photography and videography, however before coming to UNCW I did not know I could realize them into a degree. I also knew that I had a special interest in Spanish ever since my sophomore year of high school. It was then that I decided to combine my two greatest passions by majoring in Communication Studies and Spanish at UNCW.
I heard about the opportunity to tutor at the ULC through a Spanish professor. Initially, I was not sure how "good" I would be at tutoring other students, since I only had slim experience helping friends with their Spanish pronunciation and grammar, However, this professor pushed me into applying and I could not be happier that I did. I discovered that tutoring Spanish was my niche and I am not sure where I would be now without the ULC.

Do you have any tutoring experiences to share, that may illustrate how language tutoring can positively impact a student's success?

I have too many positive tutoring experiences to share them all! Once, I had a student with a learning disability, who was in the Cameron School of Business. This student didn't hate Spanish, however they had some contempt for it due to their disability. However, the student worked hard every day in the tutoring center and I saw Spanish mold them in a new way, as they began to understand its importance and use in our society. I was able to watch them walk the stage at graduation, and was given a huge hug and told how grateful they were for me and the ULC, which is something I will never forget!

As a impending grad, what are your plans for the dream job in your future?

I will be graduating from UNCW this December with dual Bachelor's degrees in Spanish and Communication Studies. My plan is to start the Graduate Spanish program at UNCW full-time in Spring of 2019. My dream job is to continue combining my two passions by becoming a Spanish professor and a photographer for a university!


Staff News

Academic Achievement Coordinator Presents at Association for the Tutoring Professions conference:

Nick Crawford

Nick Crawford

In March 2018, Academic Achievement Coordinator Nick Crawford travelled to the Association for the Tutoring Profession Conference in Tucson, Arizona, where he presented "It Takes a Village to Reach the Summit." Dr. Crawford's presentation focused on the importance of collaboration for building a successful mentoring program and fostering students' academic success.

Office Administrator joins the ULC team

Lily Pezzullo-Frank

 Lily Pezzullo-Frank

In February 2018, Lily Pezzullo-Frank joined the ULC as Office Administrator, working as the primary support for the Writing Center and Supplemental Instruction program.

Originally from The Hudson Valley, NY, Lily earned her Bachelor's Degree concentrating in Business, Psychology, and Hispanic Studies from Mount St. Mary College (MSMC) in 2014, where she also worked as a peer writing tutor. Following her undergrad studies, Lily continued working for MSMC and aided in the peer tutoring program transitioning into an official campus Writing Center. Lily and her husband moved to North Carolina in 2015, adopted two dogs, and enjoy the lack of snow Wilmington has to offer. 



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