University College

FAQs for Film Festival For First-Year Students (F4)

  • What is F4?
    • F4 is a film festival exclusively for incoming first year and transfer students at University of North Carolina Wilmington. Students use video cameras and laptops to create a story about their first-year experience. Videos are 3-5 minutes in length and are created,starring and directed by students. Videos are judged in several categories by panelists including faculty, staff and students. All films submitted will be shown at The Premiere at Lumina Theater on November 2, 2017. 

  • Who can participate?
    • Any first-year student or transfer student enrolled in UNI 101 or 201 is eligible to participate for fall. Students can participate individually or in groups.
  • What are the Rules?
  • When will I learn more information?
    • A representative from University College or your instructor will give you a short announcment in your UNI 101 course in the beginning of the semester.
  • Do I need to be a computer geek or James Cameron to participate?
    • No! Any incoming first-year or transfer student can participate. You can be an actor, director, camera-person, or an editor. UNCW can even help you learn how to edit film using Skillport. Skillport is located in MySeaPort and more information can be found here.
  • Do we have to edit on a particular program (i.e. iMovie)?
    • No! You can edit on your camera, in iMovie, Final Cut Pro, Microsoft Premiere or using two film reels. Anything works so long as you can produce a digital video on DVD, Youtube or Vimeo.
  • What is the deadline for turning in a movie?
    • All movies must be turned in by November 2, 2017 at 5pm.
  • How do we turn in our movies?
    • Films must either be uploaded to Youtube or Vimeo and the link sent to or DVDs/USB Drives must be dropped off to Zack Underwood in University College, located in DePaolo Hall. Please include your group members names in the description of your video.
  • Can we get help from other people?
    • Yes, so long as the majority of work is completed by you and your fellow first-year students. Do not allow other people to create your movie or complete all the editing, but you can have your roommate act in your film or have your best friend figure out the perfect font for your title screen.
  • Can we use copyrighted music for our movie?
    • When editing your film, please consider that these videos will possibly be shown to the world through the UNCW website. Anyone could be watching them, therefore we want you to consider these three options when choosing music.

      1. There are lots of Creative Commons websites that allow you to use their music so long as you cite their name and the title of the song. For example, Incompetech is a great site to use. Your friends may be great musicians who would allow you to use their music free of charge. There are lots of independent bands available in the area and this is your chance to find an original track for your video.

      2. Garageband offers free loops and songs you can use without having to cite it. Garageband is available for free on the Apple computers in the Library.

      3. Launchpad App for iOS offers royalty-free music. See this article for more information:

      4. If you must use a copyrighted song, please use a short segment. Please align the subject of the video with the music selected to maintain that the song can be distinguished as "fair use" under copyright law. If you have questions or concerns about the music, contact Zack Underwood at The best answer is to go with a Creative Commons or original song as opposed to the commercial songs if possible.

  • When and Where will these videos be shown?
    • Videos will be shown at The Premiere on November 9, 2017 in Lumina Theater, but the winners will also be hosted on the F4 website as examples for the future. Videos will also be featured on the UNCW News website.
  • What can we win?
    • The winning video or videos will be featured on the UNCW homepage and will also be highlighted on the F4 website. Prizes include a trophy, bragging rights to all your friends, being highlighted in a news story on the UNCW homepage, and this is a great award to add to your resume.