University College


Confidentiality and Student Privacy

Guiding Policy

The University of North Carolina Wilmington is committed to protecting students from improper disclosure of educational records in violation of the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA). All faculty, administrators, and staff must comply with this policy.

No information concerning a student, however insignificant it seems, will be shared with anyone other than appropriate members of the University College staff. Certainly, information given by the student in confidence should be kept in confidence unless the student agrees to release it. All grades, records, and reports are to be handled as confidential information to protect the interests and rights of the student. The student has the right to see all such official records. Parents may have access to academic information (academic warnings, eligibility questions, reinstatement, and grade reports) if the UC FERPA is on file at University College. Students may authorize access for other individuals only through a written consent form signed by the student. These forms are to remain in the student's folder.

Employers, government investigators, non-supporting parents, etc., whether requesting in person or by form, should be informed that the records kept by academic advisors cannot be discussed without written permission from the student. In general, information concerning a student should not be given over the phone unless the identity of the caller is verified. Student's Social Security Numbers, birth dates, and addresses should be requested for verification when speaking to a student about information from his or her file. Requests for student information should be referred to University College.