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IIUI and UNCW Partnership

IIUI and UNCW: A Collaborative Model for Enhanced Teaching, Research, and Community Engagement" is an initial, three-year grant in which UNCW will partner with the International Islamic University Islamabad to implement a collaborative model of professional development in teaching, research, and community engagement. There is a focus on Political Science/ International Relations and English, with IIUI´s expressed desire to also learn from our leadership in curriculum and faculty development.

What are the Goals of this Partnership?

Through grant activities, UNCW will help the United States Department of State meet its diplomacy objectives, which include 'expanding and strengthening the relationships between the people of the United States and citizens of the rest of the world' (State Department Diplomacy Goals). The Department of State began this grant program linking Pakistani universities with US institutions in 2012 under the Fulbright-Hays act, with the mission to promote mutual understanding through educational and cultural exchanges between American citizens and citizens of other countries

In their selection of UNCW for this opportunity, the US Department of State and the US Embassy in Islamabad have recognized UNCW's commitment to its core values: excellence and leadership in teaching. This grant will allow UNCW's faculty, especially in the Departments of English and Public & International Affairs, and our Center for Teaching Excellence and Faculty Leadership to collaborate with and mentor IIUI faculty and graduate students on discipline-specific projects and curriculum development, while we also further develop our own teaching and research capacities.

In Summary, the goals of this project are:

  • To facilitate US Dept of State diplomatic goals of strengthening and enhancing cross-cultural understanding through teaching and research collaborations with IIUI faculty and students.
  • To contribute to the UNC system's Compact with North Carolina, which "ensures that our graduates have engaged in studies to master ... a global awareness"
  • To realize UNCW's Learning Goal of Global Citizenship, which prompts students to "describe and examine the intellectual and ethical responsibilities of active global citizenship"
  • To encourage productive collaborations between UNCW's and IIUI's faculty and students
  • To engage UNCW's campus and our neighbors throughout southeastern North Carolina in an ongoing cross-cultural dialogue with our Pakistani colleagues and students
  • To create new teaching, learning, professional development, and research opportunities for our UNCW colleagues and students, as well as our IIUI visitors.

How will this make UNCW more Globally Engaged?

The involvement of UNCW's Departments of English and Public & International Affairs-disciplines that encompass American literary and cultural studies, writing studies, American politics, and public administration-highlights the relevance of the humanities and social sciences to some of the most pressing issues connecting the US with the rest of the world. Further, this grant will allow UNCW to engage our local communities through outreach programs that will bring UNCW personnel and IIUI visitors out into the region and our neighbors and community partners to campus. Such outreach programs provide the community with rare opportunities to learn more about the cultures and peoples of Pakistan, a nation that has been at the center of manypivotal global events over the past fifteen years

This award is the first one UNCW has received from the US Department of State. Our Departments of English and Public & International Affairs earned this recognition due to their faculty and exceptional programs, including both departments' focus on student internship opportunities. In addition, UNCW's grant proposal was singular for our campus's emphasis, facilitated by the Center for Teaching Excellence and Faculty Leadership, on faculty development, pedagogical innovations and support, and our campus-wide mentoring program.

Why is UNCW pursuing this Partnership?

UNCW's mission statement, approved by our Board of Trustees and the UNC System's Board of Governors, articulates our institution's commitment to cultivating in our students a sense of responsible citizenship, and our university's Learning Goals reinforce this mission through its emphasis on Global Citizenship. Thus, at our institutional core, UNCW seeks out and values opportunities to engage with international issues and communities through teaching, research, and service. Indeed, UNCW recognizes the importance of integrating teaching, research, and service in the creation of a transformative learning environment for our students.

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