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TIGR's core faculty is drawn from numerous departments at UNCW, including Foreign Languages and Literatures, History, Public and International Affairs, International Studies, English, Psychology, Educational Leadership, and Computer Science.


The Team for Interdisciplinary Global Research (TIGR) promotes the diffusion of interdisciplinary research on the cultural, political, historical, economic, religious, and linguistic aspects that inform a constantly evolving and increasingly globalized world. Our team is comprised of faculty who teach and conduct research in the disciplines of modern languages and cultural studies, computer science, educational leadership, English, international studies, political science, and psychology. In addition to TIGR´s expertise in individual disciplines, our members have led or lead undergraduate- and graduate-degree programs (such as Graduate Liberal Studies, Graduate Conflict Management and Resolution, Middle East and Islamic Studies, European Studies, and International Studies), and direct centers and programs dedicated to excellence in teaching, curriculum development, and applied learning. Core TIGR members have extensive experience working for and collaborating with various U.S. federal agencies, the military (U.S. and foreign), and NGOs. Moreover, both UNCW and TIGR members enjoy considerable professional networks-UNCW as a member of the 17-campus UNC system, and TIGR through a number of organizations. TIGR promotes teaching, research, service, and community engagement in regional, cross-regional, and global frameworks.

Simply stated, the lesson of the last decade is that failing to understand the human dimension of conflict is too costly in lives, resources, and political will for the Nation to bear. ... Sociocultural analysis is now an indispensable component of intelligence.

Founding Members

Dr. Jess Boersma, Director

Jess Boersma Dr. Jess Boersma teaches courses in Spanish Peninsular literatures and cultures, critical thought, and in International Studies. His primary research focus is on the various manifestations of violence in contemporary Spain.

Dr. Lisa Pollard

Lisa Pollard Dr. Lisa Pollard is an historian whose work takes up gender, race and social movements in the nineteenth and early twentieth-century Egypt and Sudan.

Dr. Dan Masters

photo Dr. Daniel Masters is a Political Scientist. He specializes in International Security (Terrorism and Revolution), Foreign Policy, European and Russian Politics, and Middle Eastern Political Systems.

Dr. Herb Berg

photo Dr. Herb Berg is a scholar of Islam, Arabic, and International Studies. His research interests include globalized expressions of Islam. Currently, he serves as the Director of International Studies.

Dr. Karl Ricanek, Jr.

photo Dr. Karl Ricanek's research interests include Age estimation, Gender and Race Classification, Biometric Systems, Computer & Machine Vision

Director I3S Institute,
Director Face Aging Group,
Co-Director CASIS (Office of Director of National Intelligence, Center of Academic Excellence)


Dr. Florentina Andreescu

Jess Boersma Florentina Andreescu holds a doctoral degree from the University of Miami's Department of International Studies. Her research investigates through films issues of legitimization and social authority, gendered, national and ethnic identities, transitions, trauma and space. Her work appeared in peer reviewed journals such as: Nationalities Papers The Journal of Nationalism and Ethnicity, Studies in Ethnicity and Nationalism, Space and Culture, Studia Politica Romanian Political Science Review, Tamkang Journal of International Affairs and Short Film Studies. Her book titled From Communism to Capitalism: Nation and State in Romanian Cultural Production is currently in press at Palgrave Macmillan.