Team for Interdisciplinary Global Research


North Caucasus: Intrastate Relations and International Relations

The North Caucasus: This regional seminar examined the patterns of intra and interregional relations between Russia and Transcaucasia region. The North Caucasus region includes 18 constituent units of the Russian Federation, over half of which are Ethnic Republics. In most of these Ethnic Republics the titular majority is Muslim. Evidence suggests there is a seeping Salafist fringe emerging within these communities in the North Caucasus and the Volga region. Several of the constituent units have direct connections with ethnic minorities inside Georgia, who recently fought a war with Russia. Altogether the region is a crucible for domestic and transnational conflict. We will analyze and evaluate the cultural dynamics of the region to assess sources of conflict into the near future.

Through the seminar, participants:

  • Improve upon existing knowledge of the North Caucasus Federal District, and the geopolitical Transcaucasia region.
  • Deepen knowledge on the emerging the Islamic population and an assessment of its threat potential to Russia and beyond.
  • Explore the interactions between Russia and its Islamic community and Russia and the Caucasus region as a whole.
  • Gain insights into the cultural perceptions of the North Caucasus and Russian Islamic community.

Instructor of Record: Dr. Dan Masters