Team for Interdisciplinary Global Research


Islamist Groups in the Middle East

Islamist FlagThis regional seminar examined the patterns of international relations between Islamist groups in the Middle East. The term Islamism, which replaced the older inaccurate "Islamic fundamentalism," is applied (like its predecessor) to a bewilderingly diverse range of movements. We analyzed and evaluate this diversity and examine what, if anything, they share, with a particular focus on the issues that sustain these movements.

Through the seminar, participants:

  • Improve upon existing knowledge of the range of Islamist movements in the Middle East.
  • Deepen knowledge on the socio-cultural, economic, and political issues that prompted the emergence of Islamist groups and that allow them to perpetuate themselves.
  • Explore to what extent these groups cooperate and to what extent their goals are incompatible.

Instructor of Record: Dr. Herb Berg