Team for Interdisciplinary Global Research


Bosnia: Ethnic Identity and Governance in the Region

BosniaThis Regional Seminar on February 27, 2013 evaluated the intersection of politicized cultural identity groups and governance in Bosnia-Herzegovina since the implementation of the Dayton Accords. The seminar looked at the challenges faced in governing a fractious society, particularly one where violent conflict recently dominated the political dynamics of rival political groups. The governance challenge was viewed from three perspectives: the domestic political context, the Balkans, and broader Europe. The seminar involvee three avenues of discussion: Shatter zone States, Cultural Differences in Bosnia and their impact of society, and the impact the domestic political challenges in Bosnia have on the immediate region and broader Europe.

Through the seminar, participants:

  • Improved upon existing knowledge of Bosnia-Herzegovina in the post-war era as a consolidating state, within a region defined by recent ethno-national conflict.
  • Deepened their knowledge on how ethno-nationalist divisions seep into institutions to make conflict a more permanent feature of the socio-political landscape.
  • Explored the interactions between BiH and international institutions relative to statebuilding and post-war reconstruction.
  • Gained insights into the cultural expressions of conflict in post-war BiH.

Instructor of Record: Dr. Dan Masters