Summer Sessions

Parking and Transportation

Students must register for summer classes before registering for a summer parking permit.

Who needs a summer parking permit?

Students attending summer sessions only who drive or park a vehicle on campus must purchase a summer parking permit.

Students with a Fall 2017 - Spring 2018 parking permit (which is valid through August 15, 2018) do not need to purchase a summer parking permit.

Students that have a Fall 2017 - Spring 2018 night time permit and whose classes are before 4 p.m. will need to purchase a summer parking permit. Students do not get a refund for their nighttime permit.

What is the cost for a summer parking permit?

The summer 2018 standard permit covers 10 weeks (both summer sessions) and costs $70. There is also an option to purchase a parking deck permit for $100. The fee will be posted to the student's tuiton and fees bill, so students don't have to pay when they register their vehicle.

Where do I purchase a summer parking permit?

To register your vehicle and purchase a summer parking permit, come to the Parking & Transportation Services office in the Warwick Center.

Online registration is not available for summer parking permits.