Summer Sessions

Campus Dining / Meal Plans

If you are registered for a class during the summer sessions, there is a meal plan that fits your needs.  Summer I meal plans may be used during both sessions. Summer II meal plans may be used during the second session only. All summer meal plans expire at the end of session II.

Summer Meal Plans

Block 35

$460 per session + tax

35 Teal Meals (retail) or Dining Hall Meals per session and $150 Food Dollars per Summer Session

Summer $275

$275 per session + tax

$275 Food Dollars per Summer Session

Summer $350

$350 per session + tax

$350 Food Dollars per Summer Session

*NC Sales Tax is charged on the meals portion only at the time of meal plan purchase. Food Dollars will be taxed as they are used.

PLEASE NOTE: Meal plan changes are not permitted during the summer sessions.

Sign up for a Summer Meal Plan

  • Log into MySeaport with your UNCW email address and password (must use Safari, Google Chrome, or Mozilla browser)
  • Select the Student Services tab
  • On the left under Services, select the Student Meal Plan Application link
  • In the meal plan application, select the term on the left side and proceed through the application to select your meal plan
  • The meal plan cost will be placed on the Student Account

For more information regarding meal plans, or contact the UNCW OneCard office at 910.962.3560.

Summer Food Dollar Rolling/Expiration

Unused summer Food Dollars will roll to the fall semester Meal Plan: Food Dollars expire each semester. However, unused Food Dollars are permitted to roll if you have a meal plan in the following semester. Rolling is permitted from summer to fall and fall to spring only. All used Food Dollars expire at the end of the spring semester.