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Tell us what courses you have and we'll tell you what books you need. The UNCW Bookstore is located in the Fisher Student Center.

All of your textbook information is available online! After you register for classes, login to your SeaNet account, go to your class schedule and there is a link from your schedule page to view your textbook list. There you'll see all the cost saving options you have including new, used, new rental, used rental, e-books to purchase and even e-books to rent! You can then order your textbooks from the UNCW Bookstore right from this page or just print it out to have your book information.

The Right Book from the Right Place

When you get your books from the campus bookstore, you can be sure you are getting exactly what you need to be prepared for class. Textbook editions change all the time, we work closely with your faculty members to ensure we have the right books on our shelves for all of your courses. And if your class changes or your professor changes, don't worry because we have you covered. We ensure you have the right book for your class. You have until the last day of add/drop to return your books for a full refund or exchange.

Add/Drop Protection

They say " better shop around," but here's one time you may want to reconsider. Many online book sellers won't refund your purchase if you drop a class - leaving you out of luck. If you drop a course during the school's add/drop period, you can return your books to the bookstore for a refund (check our refund and exchange policy for details). Don't waste your time or risk wasting your money. Buy your books with confidence from the campus bookstore.