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NEW Summer Sessions Annual Report - 2016 Summer at a glance and looking ahead!

Summer Supplemental Pay - Exceptions

It is now possible to request an exception to the supplemental pay policy for an instructor who exceeds the maximum out-of-contract (33% of annual salary) during the summer. In accordance with UNCW Policy 08.135, supplemental pay may exceed the 33% threshold for summer school supplemental pay up to 20% with proper approvals. Requests for supplemental pay exceptions for summer school need to be approved by the department chair, appropriate dean, Associate Vice Chancellor for External Programs, and by the Provost or provost's designee. The override request should include a justification that exceeding the maximum will not impact a faculty member's non-instructional duties. The supplemental pay will need to be signed by the chair, appropriate dean, and Interim AVC for External Programs before being considered for approval in the provost's office. The supplemental pay can be scanned and emailed with signatures.

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