Student Accounts & Cashier's Office

2022 - 2023 Mandatory Fees Allocation 

These fees are mandatory & required for all main campus programs & cannot be waived. Required fees are used to fund the services, facilities & programs offered by the Student Center, Health Services, Department of Health & Exercise Studies, Athletics Department & other departments.

Not sure what the mandatory fees support? Be sure to check out the mandatory fees support section below the table! 

Type of Fee Amount
Athletics $774.55
Health $246.07
Media $12.50
SGA $53.00
Student Union $138.00
Recreation & Intramurals $253.00
Postal $15.00
Athletic Facilities Operating $107.50
Cultural Events Academic Affairs $42.95
ID Card $12.00
Leadership $23.00
Student Services $32.00
Green Initiative $10.00
Recreation Expansion Debt $149.00
Recreation Field Expansion Debt $52.00
Union Expansion Debt $175.00
Transportation $103.5
Assoc of Student Gov’t $1.00
Total Mandatory Fees Yearly $2200.07
Total Mandatory Fees Semester $1100.04

What do the Mandatory Fees Support?

Athletics Fee - The Athletic Fee supports the intercollegiate athletic program.  The fee supports athletic department salaries, team travel & operations. 

Student Health Services Fee – The Student Health Services Fee supports medical & counseling services to students. The fee is used for salaries, maintenance, & operation of the student health center.   

Media Fee – The Media Fee is used to defray the cost of the various campus-wide student publications including the student newspaper, literary magazine, & radio station, & TV channel.  

Student Government Association Fee – This fee is allocated to the Student Government for distribution of Campus organization for activities they deem are in the best interest of the student body

Student Union Fee – The Student Union Fee supports the operation & programming of the Student Union.   

Recreation & Intramurals Fee – The Recreation & Intramural Fee is used to defray the cost of operating & maintaining the intramural recreational sports program & other physical education programs.

Postal Fee – The Postal Fee defrays the cost of maintaining a full service U.S. Postal Service contract station.   

Athletic Facilities Operating Fee – The Athletic Facility Operations Fee supports the cost of regular maintenance of the athletic facilities, fields, & grounds including the cost of salaries & benefits for maintenance workers, irrigation, utilities, & event staff.

Cultural Events Academic Affairs Fee – The Cultural Events Fee supports cultural initiatives organized by offices & departments across campus including events & activities related to the arts, diversity & inclusion, & community engagement. 

ID/Debit Card Fee – The ID/Debit Card Fee supports the University’s ID Card operations & support. The ID card is used for identification purposes, a library card, & as a campus card for dining & vending purchases.  This fee does not cover a replacement card of a lost or stolen card. 

Leadership Fee - The Leadership Fee supports the Leadership Center & the mission to cultivate a dynamic, experiential, & student-centered environment that provides opportunities for leadership education & civic engagement.  

Student Services Fee – The Student Services Fee funds the commencement events. 

Green Initiative Fee – The Green Initiative Fee provides funding to promote sustainability & green ambassador efforts. 

Recreation Expansion Debt Fee –This fee is pledged to support the renovation & expansion of the student recreation center.

Recreation Field Expansion Debt Fee –This fee is pledged to support the renovation & expansion of the student recreation fields.

Union Expansion Debt Fee – This fee is pledged to support the renovation & expansion of the Student Union

Transportation Fee – Supports the campus transportation shuttle system. The shuttle serves to provide the campus with efficient & safe campus transportation, reduce vehicular congestion & decrease the demand for proximity parking.

Association of Student Gov’t Fee - This fee of $1.00 is charged for all UNC institutions to help finance the Association of Student Governments, a coalition of student leaders from across the state.

Campus Security Fee - The Security Fee is used to assist in campus-based & UNC system-wide safety & security initiatives, staffing & security measures.  The fee is used for campus police officer compensation, trained investigators, & hearing officers for reports of serious offenses, Title IX & Clery Act compliance coordination, & substance abuse counselors, case managers, and/or other counseling staff. 

Ed & Tech Fee - The Ed & Tech Fee is used by colleges & schools to equip & operate computing & scientific laboratories, which supplement classroom instruction.  The fee is also used by central administration to support & maintain the technical infrastructure on campus. 

Health Insurance Charge - An additional mandatory Health Insurance charge will be included on your account unless you waive out of the semester premium charge.