Social Science Applied Research Center

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Social Science Applied Research Center

Welcome to the Social Science Applied Research Center (SSARC) website. The SSARC is an interdisciplinary research center that provides high quality survey research, program evaluation, performance measurement, and experimental research using scientifically rigorous social science methods. The SSARC is a valuable resource for faculty in need of assistance for research projects, grants, and contracts. In addition, community organizations and agencies can utilize the SSARC in a variety of areas such as program evaluation or community surveys. The SSARC will provide an environment that focuses on facilitating an applied learning environment for UNCW graduate and undergraduate students with hands-on research experience in the areas of data collection, data management and analysis.

We hope that you will peruse the website to see what SSARC projects have been conducted or are in the works. You can also find information about the services available through SSARC. 

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