Sponsored Programs & Research Compliance

When the Award Is Ending

Specific closeout procedures for contracts and grants are set forth by the sponsoring agency in the award document. Requirements range from a final fiscal and narrative program report, to a series of reports dealing with such matters as fiscal accountability, disposition of property acquired with grant funds, certificates of compliance, invention disclosures, and grantee releases.

Types of Reporting


Common Expenses to Review

Checklist for When Your Award is Ending
Expense Department Contact
Personnel Human Resources
Copy Card Printing Services
Travel Card Travel Office
Phone Service ITS Resource Management
Standing Purchase Order Purchasing Department
WORKS Purchasing Department

Allowable Expenses Post Award End Date

Items not receipted by the award end date should be moved to a different funding source.

What if I need more time?

The university may be able to obtain a no cost extension by submitting a formalized amendment to the sponsor. This process is initiated by the principal investigator but completed by the SPARC Office. If you would like to request a no cost extension, please contact your grant officer.

The terms award, grant, contract, and cooperative agreement are used interchangeably throughout this site. If you would like definitions as defined by the Uniform Guidance, visit the Award Management homepage.