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SPIN is a web-based funding opportunities database that offers active searching, automated matching and daily opportunity notifications.

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  • Text Search

    SPIN text search performs a full-text search against the entire text of the SPIN programs; this includes opportunity titles, sponsor names, synopses, objectives, as well as funding opportunity numbers, email addresses, keywords, and several other fields.

    The search automatically invokes inflectional forms of the entered words. For example, a search for test will scan all SPIN programs for: test, tests, tested, and testing.

    The search also contains a number of capabilities to build complex searches with various logic and grammar parsing. The commands can be combined together, along with parenthetical logic to dictate the order of operations, for building complex queries defining exactly what you are looking for.

  • Keyword Search

    Each opportunity in SPIN is catalogued with terms from their keyword list. SPIN's keyword search allows you to explicitly find opportunities that match one or more of the predefined keywords in our controlled vocabulary of approximately 3,500 terms.

    Keywords can be combined in two ways with 'OR' or 'AND' operators. An 'OR' search will find opportunities that have either the keywords Geochemistry OR Geophysics; an 'AND' search is more specific, and will find only those opportunities that have both Geochemistry AND Geophysics keywords.

  • Advanced Search

    Using SPIN's advanced search interface, searches can be more specifically defined. A dropdown selection allows you to choose the fields to filter where the full text of the opportunity record contains or does not contain the entered selection.

    Distinct fields generate AND queries while using the same field multiple times generates an OR query.

  • Create Funding Alerts

    After a search has been created you can save the search and receive daily or weekly email alerts.  The email sends a list of relevant opportunities.