Sponsored Programs & Research Compliance

Charles L. Cahill Reviewers

The Faculty Senate Research Committee reviews Cahill applications. Each member serves a repeatable, two year term on the committee.

2020-2021 Faculty Senate Research Committee

Last Name

First Name


Bolton Kristin CHHS/SWK
Crowe Stefanie RANDALL
Haney Conor CAS/CHM
Kim-Godwin Soo CHHS/SON
Lopez-Legentil Susana CAS/BMB
Lutz Barbara CHHS/SON
Persuit Jeanne CAS/COM
Posey Martin CAS/BMB
Robinson Kerry WCE
Spaulding Mark CAS/HST
Uprety Daniel CSB
Wang Ying CAS/CHM
Borrett Stuart AP Research & Innovation

For more information about the Faculty Senate Research Committee, visit uncw.edu/facsen.