Sponsored Programs & Research Compliance

Charles L. Cahill Grants 

Fiscal Year 2021 Recipients

  • Sheri Conklin (Instructional Technology, Foundations, and Secondary Education, WEC), Amy Garrett Dikkers, Co-PI (Educational Leadership, WEC), “The impact of COVID-19 on online teaching best practices and instructor connectedness”
  • Gulustan Dogan (Computer Science, CAS), Michel J Heijnen, Co-PI (School of Health and Applied Human Sciences, CHHS), "AI4Health: Using Artificial Intelligence to Predict Fall-risk During Adaptive Locomotion in Humans”
  • Winifred M. Johnson (Chemistry & Biochemistry), “Impact of glycine betaine on methane production in North Carolina tidal wetlands”
  • Rachel Kohman (Psychology), “Methodological approach to isolate glial cells from the aged brain”
  • Georg Koszulinski (Film Studies), “Das Marsprojekt: A Feature-Length Science-Fiction Saga”
  • Alexandra Krallman (Marketing), “Preventing CVD and Stroke Among Millennial Women: A Dissemination Science and Social Media Approach”
  • Hee-Seung Lee (Chemistry & Biochemistry), “Molecular dynamics simulation study of marine origin antimicrobial peptide astacidin-2”
  • Susanna Lopez Legentil (Biology & Marine Biology), “Ascidians in NC seagrass meadows: diversity, abundance and invasive potential”
  • Alexander McDaniel (School of Health and Applied Human Sciences, CHHS), Lindsey Schroeder, Co-PI (School of Health and Applied Human Sciences, CHHS), Yishi Wang, Co-PI (Mathematics and Statistics, CAS), “Implementation of a Neck Strengthening Protocol to Reduce the Incidence of Traumatic Brain Injury and Enhance Paratrooper Combat Readiness”
  • Ralph N. Mead(Chemistry & Biochemistry, CAS), Patrick M. Erwin, Co-PI(Biology & Marine Biology, CAS), “Biodegradation of emerging per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances in sediments: An interdisciplinary approach”
  • Julia Morris (International Studies), “Constructing Immigrants and Pandemics: Social Othering and COVID-19”
  • Sara Movahedazarhouligh (Early Childhood, Elementary, Middle, Literacy and Special Education), “Leading in an Era of Change: Supporting Local Leadership Development and Capacity Building in Early Childhood Education and Care”
  • Menaka Raguparan (Sociology & Criminology), “A multi-site qualitative study of Human Trafficking State courts in the United States: Origins, Challenges, and Consequences”
  • Priyadarshini Shanker (Film Studies), “Women’s Cinephilia beyond Euro-Western discourses: Bombay Cinema’s Radical Cinephile -- Nasreen Kabir”
  • Alicia Sellon (School of Social Work, CHHS), Tina Newsham, Co-PI (School of Health and Applied Human Sciences, CHHS), “Volunteerism during COVID: Impact of social distancing and resiliency on behavior and quality of life among older adults”
  • Jean-Anne Sutherland (Sociology & Criminology), “A Sociological Look at the Lives of Nurses During COVID-19”
  • Jeremy Tirrell (English), “Publish the Second Product from the Following Mechanical Turks Research Project”
  • Ying Wang(Chemistry & Biochemistry, CAS), Yishi Wang, Co-PI (Mathematics and Statistics, CAS), “Prediction of Hereditary Cataract Mutations using Artificial Intelligence Models”
  • Allison E. Witman (Economics & Finance), “The impact of state policies for reducing prenatal drug use on maternal behaviors and perinatal health”
  • Kara E. Yopak (Biology & Marine Biology), “Finding Their Way Home: Ontogenetic Shifts in the Nervous System in the Sockeye Salmon, Oncorhynchus nerka"

Recipients by Fiscal Year