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Charles L. Cahill Grants

Fiscal Year 2020 Summary

Funded Charles L. Cahill proposals consisted of 11 traditional and 7 collaborative applications. This year 52 Charles L. Cahill applications were received. There were 40 traditional individual applications and 12 interdisciplinary collaborative applications.

Thank you to the Faculty Senate Research Committee for reviewing these applications.

Collaborative Grants

Watson College of Ed & Watson College of Ed (Instructional Technology)

  • Christine Liao and Janna Robertson, “Intercultural Dialogue through Art: Connecting School Students in the U.S. and Japan”

Earth and Ocean Sciences & Watson College of Ed

  • Peter Haproff and Julian Hooker, “Constraining the timing of mountain building in the easternmost Himalaya from zircon U-Pb geochronology of syntectonic leucogranites”

Nursing (CHHS) & Social Work (CHHS)

  • Anka Roberto and Josalin Hunter-Jones, “Optimizing wellness and resilience; a trauma informed program”

Biology and Marine Biology & Nursing (CHHS)

  • Michael S. Tift and Jennifer McCall, “Assessment of the anti-inflammatory and anti-apoptosis properties of elephant seal blood”

Environmental Science & Biology and Marine Biology

  • James Rotenberg and Zachary Long, “Birds and Chocolate Forests: Restoring Tropical Rainforests One Delicious Bite at a Time”

Chemistry and Biochemistry & Biology and Marine Biology

  • Sridhar Varadarajan and Arthur Frampton, “Novel DNA-damaging chemotherapeutics targeting breast cancer cells”
  • Wendy K. Strangman and Julia Buck, “That’s disgusting! Chemical ecology-based drug discovery from marine parasite-associated microbes”

Individual Grants

Biology and Marine Biology

  • Nicole D. Fogarty, “Is hypoxia an overlooked stressor of corals?”
  • Sarah Fausett, “Comparison of energy allocation in association with cell size, aging, and reproduction in the model organism, C. elegans”

Chemistry and Biochemistry

  • Conor M. Haney, “Virtual Screening and Experimental Validation of Small-Molecule Allosteric Modulators of Chaperone Proteins to Counter Protein Aggregation”
  • Robert Kieber, “Determining concentrations and sources of methanol, acetaldehyde, and formaldehyde in aqueous phase samples”
  • Robert Williamson, "Solar Salamanders: A Potentially Rich Source of Leads for Drug Discovery”
  • Thomas C. Coombs, “Development of Green Chemistry Approaches to Medicinal Pyrrolidines”

Environmental Science

  • Joni Thomas Backstrom, “A geomorphologic characterization of southeast North Carolina's offshore reefs”

Film Studies

  • Frederick Hackler, “Creation of new film entitled ‘The Year I Was 8’"


  • Angela Zombek, “The National Archives – Digging into the Civil War Era History of Key West & the Dry Tortugas”
  • Venkat Dhulipala, "Muslim Ruler, Hindu Subjects: Islamism, Communism, and the triumph of Indian Nationalism in Hyderabad, 1935-1948”


  • Bryan Myers, “Impression Management and Deception”

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