Sponsored Programs & Research Compliance

Charles L. Cahill Grants

Fiscal Year 2016 Recipients

  • Stephanie Turrise, Nasrintaj Falsafi and Richard Pond "Effects of Mindfulness on Patients Outcomes in a Sample of Cardiac Rehabilitation Participants: A Pilot Randomized Controlled Trial"
  • Stephanie Jill Kamel, "Realized connectivity and population persistence among oyster populations in the tidal creeks of Southeastern North Carolina"
  • Tim Palmer, "A Liberated Cinema: Creating the Postwar French Film State, 1946-1958"
  • Jennifer C. Biddle, "Understanding Governance Capacity for Freshwater Resilience"
  • Kimberly J. Cook, "Exploring how Original Crime Victims Experience Wrongful Convictions and the Aftermath of Exonerations in the USA"
  • Helena Kopchick Spencer, "Transdisciplinary Transformations: Fairy -Tale Vignettes from the Poetry of Anne Sexton to the Music of Jessica Rudman"
  • Alessandro Porco, ""A Very High Mountain Indeed": Mary Parks Washington at Black Mountain College"
  • John Brennan, "The Impact of McCarthyism on Public Administration Organizations in the United States."
  • Fred Scharf and Heather Koopman, "Quantifying trophic dynamics of non-native catfish in the Cape Fear River to assess predatory impact on anadromous and native fishes"
  • Jessie C. Jarvis, "Inherit Resilience in Seagrass: Quantifying Genetic and Kin Structure Variation Between Life History Strategies"
  • James Rotenberg, "An expedition into the Bladen Nature Reserve, Belize, to study a rare Harpy Eagle Breeding pair and determine the habitat preferences of Harpy Eagles in the Maya Mountains."
  • Susanna Lopez-Legentil and Patrick M. Erwin, "Microbial symbionts and marine bioinvasions: Contribution of the ascidian microbiome to the ecology and invasive potential of introduced species in North Carolina"
  • Joseph A. Covi, "Application of a novel toxicology kit, and collaborative relationship with the Korean Polar Research Institute, to leverage support from the National Science Foundation Division of Polar Programs"
  • Chip Hackler, "Production of narrative film, A SUMMER'S DAY"
  • Beverly McGuire, "Integrating Mindfulness Across Academic Disciplines: A Collaborative Research Project"
  • Brian S. Arbogast, "Using Remote Cameras and Genetic Techniques to Monitor Endangered Mammals and Identify New Species in the Andean Cloud Forests of Ecuador"
  • Donna DeGennaro, "Expanding Unlocking Silent Histories"
  • Pascale Barthe, "Tales of Empires: Seventeenth-Century French Travelers In Persia and India"
  • Susan Sinclair, Jared Kerr, and Justine Reel, "A Randomized Crossover Study Evaluating the Feasibility and Usability of the Easy Breather in Subjects with Chronic Respiratory Disease"
  • Indranil Ghosh, "Construction of a new class of bivariate and multivariate Beta distributions with applications to modeling drought data and other lifetime events."
  • Sharon S. Hoffmann, "Intermediate-depth circulation in the Labrador Sea and its relationship to glacial/interglacial climate changes"
  • Aaron S. King, "Limited Options and Negative Consequences: Choice and Competition in Primary Elections"
  • Angelia Reid-Griffin, "Exploring students' learning and attitudes through mentoring opportunities"
  • Christina Lanier and Kristen Devall, "How'd you do it? : A qualitative approach to understanding drug treatment court success among methamphetamine users"

Recipients by Fiscal Year