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Charles L. Cahill Grants

Fiscal Year 2014 Recipients

  • Patrick Erwin, Susanna Lopez-Legentil, Biology and Marine Biology, "Integrating genetics, taxonomy and chemical ecology to understand biodiversity and ecosystem function of sponge-microbe symbioses on Caribbean coral reefs."
  • Ryan Rhodes, Biology and Marine Biology, "Development of a screening tool to identify the chitinase in the Lyme disease spirochete, Borrelia burgdorferi."
  • Steve Kinsey, Biology and Marine Biology, "The effect of AMPK activators on skeletal muscle growth in juvenile mice."
  • Chad Lane, Geography and Geology, "Reassessment of Paleoenvironmental Change in Coastal North Carolina using Sediment Records from Carolina Bays."
  • Stephanie Kamel, Biology and Marine Biology, "Dynamics of Genetic Structure Across the Range of the Pink Volcano Barnacle, Tetraclita rubescens."
  • Thomas Coombs, Chemistry and Biochemistry, "Synthesis of Nakadomarin A Analogs in Search for New Medicinal Compounds for Disease Therapy."
  • Zachary Long, Biology and Marine Biology, "The effect of plant and microbial diversity on the functioning of coastal dunes."
  • Joseph Covi, Biology and Marine Biology, "Development of an entirely novel method to assess the effects of man-made chemicals on freshwater, brackish and marine systems: preparation for extramural funding and marketing."
  • Andrea Jones, School of Social Work, "Hospice Volunteers: Who Volunteers and Why."
  • Julia Waity, Sociology and Criminology, "The Food Assistance Landscape in NC and Access to Food Assistance."
  • Jessica Strong, School of Social Work, "Reintegration Needs of Active Duty Military Families with Young Children."
  • Susanne Brander, Biology and Marine Biology, "The neuroendocrinological basis for sex change and social behavior in Amphiprion ocellaris."
  • Kristin Bolton, School of Social Work, "An Empriical Investigation of Solution-Focused Brief Therapy in Relation to Theory and Process."
  • Eman Ghoneim, Geography and Geology, "Implementation of remote sensing, GIS, and field techniques in support of advanced surface and subsurface mapping of Fort Anderson State Historic Site."
  • Anne Lindberg, Art and Art History, "Drawings Based on Mapping the Longleaf Pine Ecosystem."
  • Heather Koopman, Biology and Marine Biology, "Development of method for identifying components of intact was esters: insight into the evolution of the echolocation systems in toothed whales."
  • Martin Wasserberg, Watson College of Education, "Student Voice Projects as a Catalyst for K-12 Academic Engagement."
  • Nandana Bose, Film Studies, "A Historical Study of Female Stardom in post-1980s Bombay Archives of India (NFAI), Pune, India."
  • Narcisa Pricope, Geography and Geology, "Exploratory field research: Modeling the impact of urban growth and climate change on water availability in the Lake Victoria Region of Eastern Africa."
  • Alison Taylog, Biology and Marine Biology, "Cellular and Ecological Fate of Brevetoxins - Role of Bacterioplankton, Phytoplankton and Microzooplankton."
  • Jeffrey Wright, Center for Marine Sciences, "Determination of anti-thrombin activity of new peptides isolated from freshwater cyanobacteria."
  • Karen Daniels, Caitlin Northcutt, Cindy Tsotsoros, Psychology, "Combining Physical and Cognitive Training to Maximize Memory Benefits for Older Adults."
  • Kristen Devall and Christina Lanier, Sociology and Criminology, "An Examination of Three Michigan Drug Treatment Cout Programs: Success & Recidivism."
  • Simone Nguyen, Psychology, "The influence of mindfulness on children's cognition and well-being."
  • Lynn Hunt Long, Sue Combs, Steve Elliott, School of Health and Applied Human Sciences, "A School-Based Obesity Intervention Program to Improve Behaviors Associated with a Healthy Weight Among Elementary Students."
  • Susan Catapano, Watson College of Education, "Exploration of Instructional Leadership in Primary and Secondary Schools in Belize."
  • Brian Arbogast, Biology and Marine Biology, "Expedition Sumaco Volcano: Using Remote Cameras and Genetic Techniques to Monitor Endangered Mammals and Identify New Species in the Andean Cloud Forests of Ecuador."
  • James DeVita, Watson College of Education, "Examining the Critical Transitions of LGBTQ Students in Higher Education: Considering Multiple Identities and Contexts."
  • Richard Pond, Psychology, "Does Emotion Differentiation Reduce Aggressive Responses to Social Exclusion? A Gene by Environmental Investigation."

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