Sponsored Programs & Research Compliance

Charles L. Cahill Grants

Fiscal Year 2013 Recipients

  • William Alexander, Anthropology, "Migrant Worker Health Risks, Vulnerabilities, and Coping Strategies in Eastern North Carolina."
  • Chip Hackler, Film Studies, "Production of Short Film Entitled "Cosmic Kiosk" A Sexagenarian Love Story of Karmic Proportions."
  • Glen Harris, History, "The Crisis of the African American Intellectual: Debates in the African American History"
  • Jaun Kase, Film Studies, "Research in Stan Brakhage Archives, University of Colorado Boulder."
  • Rich Ogle, Psychology, "Examining the Effects of Alcohol Intoxication and Misleading Post-Event Information on Memory: Does Timing of the Misinformation Matter?"
  • Ana Olenina, Film Studies, "Archival Research on Sergei Eisenstein and Psychological Studies of Spectators in the 1920's."
  • Tim Palmer, Film Studies, "A Liberated Cinema: The Postwar French Film State, 1943-1959."
  • Stacey Kolomer, Social Work, "What Happens when we outgrow Burn Camp?: Developing Programs for Young Adult Burn Survivors."
  • Jacquelyn Lee, Social Work, "Assessing a Pilot Intervention for Custodial Grandparent Caregivers: The Self-Care Prescription."
  • Lisa Buchanan, Elementary, Middle Grades, and Literacy Education, "Pilot Study of Undergraduate Elementary Pre-Service Teachers' Visions for Teaching."
  • Hengameh Kermani, Early Childhood and Special Education, "Reaching Potential: Incorporating Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) Education in Early Childhood Settings."
  • Dennis Kubasko, ITFSE, "Building STEM Education Materials to Positively Impact Children with Special Needs."
  • Konstantine Kyriacopoulos, Elementary, Middle Grades, and Literacy Education, "Marginalized Youth and Civic Engagement: Insights from Rural Youth of Southeast North Carolina."
  • Debbie Powell, Elementary, Middle Grades, and Literacy Education, "Validation Study of On-line Universal Writing Curriculum."
  • Stuart Borrett, Biology and Marine Biology, "Creating Interdisciplinary Capacity and Collaborations for Ecological Network Analysis through an Immersion at the Duke Network Analysis Center."
  • Marsha Carr, Educational Leadership, "Self-Mentoring: A Higher Education Faculty Leadership Support Program."
  • Phillip Gerard, Creative Writing, "Moonshiners: The Epic Story of Bold Pioneers and the White Whiskey that made them American Legends."
  • Amy Kirschke, Art and Art History, "South Africa: Collaboration with Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University, Cooperative Research."
  • Rachel Kohman, Psychology, "Involvement of Neuroinflammation in Obesity-Associated Deficits in Cognition and Neurogenesis."
  • Kae Livsey, Nursing, "Standardized Patient Training for Health Care Education."
  • Martin Florence, Instructional Technology, Effects of Self-Regulatory Status and Practice Type on Student Performance in the Mobile Learning Environment."
  • Steve Ross, Center for Marine Science, "Preliminary Development of an Ultra Low Power Underwater Camera and Controller for Long Term Benthic, Deep-Sea Observations."
  • Robert Nathanson, Music, "Commission of New Work for Flute and Guitar by Shih-Hui Chen."
  • Lisa Sprod, Health and Applied Human Sciences, "A Walking Pole Exercise Intervention to Improve the Shoulder Function and the Ability to Perform Activities of Daily Living in Post-Surgical Breast Cancer Survivors."
  • Cala Zubair, English, "Youth Bilingualism & Sri Lankan State Language Policies."

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