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Charles L. Cahill Grants

Fiscal Year 2010 Recipients

  • Nandana Bose, Film Studies, "A Historical Study of Film Censorship in 1970s India: An Archival Investigation at Times of India, Mumbai, India."
  • Theodore Burgh, Philosophy and Religion, "Religion and Black Music."
  • Amy Garrett Dikkers, Educational Leadership, "Leveraging the Technology-Enhanced Community (TEC) Partnership Model to Enrich K-12 Education."
  • Jorge Figueroa, Health and Applied Human Science, "Nutritional Literacy Pilot Project."
  • Arthur Frampton, Biology and Marine Biology, "Investigation into the antiviral properties of a novel compound isolated from a marine dinoflagellate."
  • Maria Graciela Esponoza-Hernandez, Psychology, Sexual Development among Adolescents of Mexican-origin."
  • Hayden Kepley, Psychology, "Effects of Positive Reinforcement on Sustained Attention in Adults."
  • Len Lecci, Psychology, "Understanding the Nocebo effect: Somatization tendencies and external contingencies as predictors of harmful drug effects."
  • William McCarthy, History, "In the Calaboose: Western Maritime Deserters Incarcerated in French Polynesia, 1820-1860."
  • Sarah Messer, Creative Writing, "One Pause: 60 Poems of Ikkyu."
  • Jeremy Morgan, Chemistry and Biochemistry, "Synthesis and Anti-malarial Activity of Novel Cinchona Alkaloids."
  • Nora Noel, Psychology, "Women's Drinking and Cognitive Judgments."
  • Sonja Pyott, Biology and Marine Biology, "Investigating the Contribution of the Caveolin-! Protein to Hearing."
  • Andi Steele, Art and Art History, "Refuge: Construction of a large outdoor sculpture."
  • William Sterrett, Educational Leadership, "Meaningful Teacher Collaboration as Professional Developmental: Targeted Peer Observations."
  • Marcel Van Tuinen, Biology and Marine Biology, "Establishing priorities for flamingo conservation."
  • Sridhar Varadarajan, Chemistry and Biochemistry, "Cytotoxic, non-mutagenic, DNA targeted damage to cells via glucose transporters."
  • Michael Webb, Chemistry and Biochemistry, "Development of a New Instrument for Special Imaging."
  • James White, Biology and Marine Biology, "Pilot investigation of links between oceanographic forcing and coral reef fish."

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