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Charles L. Cahill Grants

Fiscal Year 2008 Recipients

  • Amanda Boomershine, Foreign Languages and Literature, "The Perception of English Vowels by Monolingual and Bilingual Spanish and English Speakers."
  • Christopher Finelli, Biology and Marine Biology, "Cliona Chelata and its Effects on the Eastern Oyster Crassostrea Virginica"
  • Paul Gillingham, History, "Authoritarianism and Resistance in Mexico, Fieldwork, Summer 2009"
  • Tammy Gordon, History, "Archival Research and a Digital Memory Bank for BuyCentennial: Consumerism and HIstorical Memory in 1976"
  • Eric Henry, Geography and Geology, "Characterizing Tidal Creek Ground Water-Surface Water Exchange Using Temperature Profiles"
  • Patricia Kelley, Geography and Geology, "Latitudal Variation in Predation by South American Shell-Drilling Gastropods: A Modern Baseline for Studying the Evolution of the Naticid Gastropod Predator-Prey System"
  • Thomas Lankford, Biology and Marine Biology, "FIsh Nursery Function of Saltmarsh Tidal Creeks in Southeastern North Carolina: Effects of Residential Development and Water Pollution"
  • Sean Lema, Biology and Marine Biology, "Development of Antibodies to Assess the Expression Patterns and Regulation of Three Newly Discovered Vasotocin Receptors in Fish"
  • Shanhong Luo, Psychology, "The Role of Attachment in Infidelity: Why Do People Cheat?"
  • Derrick Miller, Foreign Languages and Literature, "Germans Imagine the American South, 1670-1870"
  • Jeremy Morgan, Chemistry and Biochemistry, "Phosphine-Catalyzed Synthesis of EnantiopureHeterocycles by the Rearrangement of Aziridines"
  • Ann Stapleton, Biology and Marine Biology, "Living on Leaves: Influence of Host Genotype and Abiotic Stress on Maize Phyllosphere Community Structure."
  • Jeffrey Toth, Psychology, "Development of Computerized Touch-Screen Neuropsychological Tes for the Early Detection of Alzheimer's Disease"
  • Frank Trimble, Communication Studies, "Normal Rockwell: America in Art - A Musical Stage Production Celebrating the Life and Artistic Works of Norman Rockwell"
  • Marcel Van Tuinen, Biology and Marine Biology, "Monitoring Evolution's Edge and the Current Collapse of the Salton Sea Ecosystem"
  • Sridhar Varadarajan, Chemistry and Biochemistry, "Selective Protein Capture Using Surface-Modified Nanoporous Alumina Membranes"
  • Tamara Walser, Educational Leadership, "Formative Evaluation of A School Leader's Guide to Evaluating Research"
  • Ami Wilbur, Biology and Marine Biology, "A Preliminary Evaluation of Genetic Structure and Parasite Prevalence in the Crested Oyster, Ostreola Equestris"

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