Sponsored Programs & Research Compliance


Mission Statement

The Office for Sponsored Programs and Research Compliance (SPARC) partners with the research and academic community to provide timely technical expertise in finding funding, preparing and submitting proposals, obtaining and negotiating awards, stewarding sponsored funding, and offering compliance solutions in accordance with regulatory requirements. SPARC creates a culture of integrity and compliance, fosters an environment of mutual respect, inclusion, and open-mindedness, and encourages continuous professional development.

Graph of award dollars by source.

FY 2017 Highlights

  • $11,414,279 Total Funding Received
  • $57,344.087 Total Requested Funding
  • $16,015,000 Total Research Expenditures
  • 161 Funded Proposals

Graph of award dollars by school.

Higher Education Research and Development (HERD) Surveys

Research Honors

Faculty and students at all levels—undergraduate through post-doctorate—and from academic programs all across campus are actively involved in generating new knowledge from research. The public and private grants funding their efforts contribute to the university's mission while enhancing our region's economic vitality through the discovery of new products and services, the formation of innovative businesses and the creation of high-tech jobs.

– Ron Vetter, Ph.D., Past Associate Provost of Research